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Christa Podsedly

Christa Podsedly is a businesswoman, entertainer, former model, and Scott Carl Rechsteiner’s wife.

She is known as the wife of Scott Rechsteiner, based on his popularity as a Wrestler, and there is no information about her personal life or source of income.

Christa Podsedly has decided to keep details about their lives secret from the public for different reasons.

She loves her family and cares for the home with her lovely husband, Scott.

Christa Podsedly Biography

Christa Podsedly

She was born in 1950 in New York. Christa Podsedly will be 73 years in 2023.

Her father’s name is David Aloys. He is a businessman and has nothing open about his whereabouts today.

Her mother’s name is Susan Podsedly. She is a homemaker who made so much impact on her children.

She has a brother called Stephen, who shares a home with their parent.

She has yet to share any information about her high school, friends, favorite hobbies, and childhood with the public.

Christa Podsedly provides her husband, Scott Carl Rechsteiner, with all the support to keep him going in the wrestling ring.

She is a fantastic housewife and has kept the home running since they got married.

However, they had to shut down the restaurant business due to the impact of COVID-19 in 2020.

Christa Husband

Scott Carl Rechsteiner

Christa met her husband, Scott Steiner, for the first time in a gym on a faithful day.

Before they met at the gym, She had seen him frequently on TV during his wrestling matches.

She became friends with Scott Rechsteiner after some time.

He invited her to one of his fights, and she discovered he was a fun guy to be with during his free time.

She understood that being brutal on TV was just his job, and he was a different person outside work as a loving man.

Scott and Christa Podsedly got married in 2000 after dating for some months.

They are still together, married today, and have two kids named Brock and Brandon Rechsteiner.

Brock and Brandon play football at Etowah High School in Georgia.

Brock is older and will graduate from high school in 2021, while Brandon will graduate in 2023.

The two boys also play basketball. Christa Podsedly often shares pictures of her kids.

The couple has a wonderful family, which they have worked for years to achieve together.

They have shared a lot with their children, making them all enjoy wonderful memories.

Their early days were beautiful, which saw them meeting each other and getting to build something.

It was a slow start for them as they wanted more time to understand their feelings and more.

Things picked up at a point in which they started seeing themselves more often in public.

They also took time before defining their relationship; since then, they have been together.

Their marriage is a wonderful tale, and they have remained together with their children.

Who Is Scott Carl Rechsteiner?

Scott Steiner

Scott Carl Rechsteiner, famously known as Scott Steiner, is an American Wrestler, Trainer, and Christa’s husband.

He is a part of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

He has also appeared in a television show named, Charmed as Mega Man in one of the TV episodes.

When he first started training with his brother Rick, they combined an athletic style with an amateur background focused on moves based on suplexes.

Additionally, he developed the Steiner Screwdriver, a reverse piledriver-to-vertical suplex.

Wrestlers and non-wrestlers alike have made numerous parodies of his “Steiner Math” advertisement.

After returning to WWE in late 2002, he was approached to go through a steroid test and settled on the condition that Triple H accept one, too; He asserts that WWE did not carry out either test.

His Ford F-250 pickup truck then struck Kaspereen twice. Kaspereen suffered no serious injuries.

He also imposed a seven-year probation on Rechsteiner, fines, restitution, and legal fees totaling $25,000, and required him to complete 200 community service hours.

Rechsteiner and Bagwell were held for several hours before they were let out and allowed to continue their journey; However, Luger was detained without bail and later arrested and imprisoned.

Later, in character interviews, Rechsteiner would talk about the incident and say he was a violent criminal who didn’t care about the law.

After that, they started taking fluid out of his lungs for two weeks.

He eventually left on a cruise ship and arrived in the United States mainland a week later, unable to fly because the change in air pressure would have collapsed his lung.

Rechsteiner began using Twitter to express his disdain for TNA management following his departure, particularly for Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. As a result, TNA’s lawyers contacted him.

In June 2012, TNA filed a lawsuit against him because he kept making similar remarks.

On September 10, he responded by claiming he was entitled to royalties and filing a countersuit against TNA.

Rechsteiner reportedly filed a second lawsuit in November, claiming that TNA officials like Hogan allowed Jeff Hardy to wrestle him while under alcohol.

A judge dismissed TNA’s lawsuit against Rechsteiner in February 2016.

Rechsteiner denies threatening death against his fellow wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Christa Podsedly’s Net Worth

Christa Podsedly Net Worth

Her net worth is $1 million. Her salary, earnings, assets, and income remain unconfirmed today.

Her husband earned a net worth of $5 million from his career in the WWE when he was still active.

Christa is not active on social media, but there are accounts with her name online.

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She is not open regarding a matter that concerns her personal life or business. She maintains a low profile.

At a point in time, she made more appearances in public, but now she keeps things low.

During her prime days, she earned much alongside her partner, who dominated the WWE.

She was also doing so much from her end to ensure she wasn’t just in the shadows of her partner.

She gained wealth from her jobs and her partner’s fortune, which they both built their family on.

Christa Podsedly is now an older woman with her children doing much to provide for her needs.

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