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Kathleen Bassett

Kathleen Bassett Swinney, better known as Kathleen Swinney, is an American philanthropist, a former teacher, and the wife of Dabo Swinney.

She is a virtuous and hardworking woman who has always shown support for her husband in his career.

There is a saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman, but it is good to note that not just any woman can support their man to actualize their dreams.

Kathleen is a typical example of a woman who would stop at nothing to help others actualize their dreams.

She is supportive, encouraging, and helping, especially in areas that concern her husband and his career as a football coach.

She got a popular nickname over the successful impact she and her husband had brought over into American football in the past few years.

She was called the First lady of Clemson football for her undying support for her husband and his players with their various families.

Kathleen Bassett Biography

Kathleen Bassett

She was born in 1971 to her lovely parents, Jeffery and Bette Swinney. Kathleen has three other siblings, namely: Ann Cicero, Lisa Lamb, and Daniel Bassett.

While growing at her high school in Pelham high, She was one of the most intelligent students.

At some point, she became the cheerleader of the school football team.

Kathleen studied Elementary Education at the University of Alabama and graduated with a degree. As fate would have it, Kathleen and her husband Willam studied at the same institution.

Sadly, She lost her sister, Lisa, to cancer back in 2011. She had been battling the sickness for many years.

Kathleen Bassett and her other sister Ann had to take part in cancer probation with over a 90% probability of developing the breast disease.

She underwent mastectomy twice in a bid to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

The idea of developing ovarian cancer came up, and She had to undergo a hysterectomy after a few years.


Kathleen Career

Kathleen started her professional career at a young primary school in the USA.

With utmost consistency at supporting her husband as the head coach of the Clemson Football Team, She also has a stable career that she built herself.

Kathleen decided to go through a profession that gets her into conducive positions to help people.

She started her teaching career at  Alabama primary school. She also worked at Shelton state community college on night shifts.

Philanthropy which is another passion she has, made her quit her teaching job when she got pregnant.

Kathleen Bassett decided to start the awareness and campaign for breast cancer illness. She enlightened many through her social gathering and charity.

She is devoted to her charity with people diagnosed with cancer.

Katherine collaborated with her husband on a community project tagged: All in teams foundation, a Clemson sports community project managed by her husband.

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Her aim is at curbing the spread of cancer with a speech made as a guest of honor or speaker at the Benevolent spirit Award, where she shared her experiences and gave advice on her to save lives.

Kathleen and her husband donated $1 million to Clemson university in 2016 as a part of a program known as the PTAY, a project centered on football constructions.

She also sponsored the building of houses with the theme ‘Habitat for Humanity’, a house built for impoverished families in Liberty. through the Dabo All-with Team Foundation.

Setting the records, their foundation became the first fully financed project in Pickens County after they donated $72,000.

Dabo Swinney Wife

Dabo Swinney Wife

Kathleen Bassett is the happily married wife of William Christopher, also known as Dabo Swinney.

William Christopher proposed to Kathleen, and they got married on July 9, 1994.

They announced the birth of their first son, Will Swinney, in 1998, a few years later. He was born in Clemson, South Carolina.

The birth of their second child, Drew Swinney, was also announced on January 23, 2000.

Kathleen And Dabo Children

Claw Swinney is the third and the last child, born on July 29, 2003.

Her husband, William Christopher, was born in Alabama, United States. He got the nickname Dabo from his brother from the misspelled phrase, The Boy.

He graduated with a degree in commerce and business administration. Dabo Swinney built his career as a footballer at the University of Alabama, where he played football.

He began his professional footballing career with Alabama Crimson Tide in 1987 before getting a scholarship one year later.

He started his coaching career where the then head coach, Mike DuBose, got sacked.

In 2001, Dabo had to remain and sit out the rest of the season without any coaching responsibilities.

In 2008 he made his full debut as a coach, where former head coach Tommy Bowden resigned voluntarily after just six games.

He was initially named the interim head coach and later appointed as the official head coach.

A decision that turned out for the best as Dabo helped the team claim many competitive honors with many awards and accolades to his name.

In 2015 he was named the AFCA Coach, AF college football coach, and Home Depot Coach.

In 2016, William got recognized with two National Championship, five ACC championships with the George Munger Awards.

Kathleen Bassett Net Worth

Kathleen Bassett Net Worth

She has a net worth of $20 million. Kathleen has worked for some time during her career and earned a large sum of money.

She loves to help people in need and has spent so much money on charity works over the years.

Kathleen Bassett continue to grow her wealth over the years and now lives happily with her husband and children in their family home.

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