What Makes The English Premier League Special?

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The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most famous soccer leagues on the planet.

With several of their athletes commanding global attention and acclaim, they arguably have the best competition around.

In this article, we will focus on the aspects that make the league unique.

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English Premier League

The players of the EPL come from all over the globe. Harry Kane is from England, Mohamed Salah is from Egypt, Son Heung-Min is from South Korea, and Kevin De Bryne is from Belgium.

They are among the best and most popular players for their respective teams, leading to thousands of fans packing into stadiums.

They evince loyalty to their sides, and even the thought of transfers will cause an issue.

Style And Quality Of Play

The style and quality of play in the EPL are hands down the best in the world right now.

Of course, we can argue that teams from the Italian League or the Spanish League merit attention, but the amount of star power on the EPL is on display every week.

Indeed, you can find someone to root for amongst the players and teams.

The level of play is superb, but the amount of after-foul acting shenanigans separates the EPL from the rest of the leagues.

Some players love to play heel and act like they have a career-ending injury after an opponent clips them on a rough play.

It is fun to watch as these players try to milk every second of the spotlight.


We know that players love to complain during matches, especially if they think they did nothing against the rules.

However, what makes it even more interesting in the EPL are the referees. They do have the authority to levy penalties for such antics.

When referees begin to call the offending athletes to give their punishment, it’s the same as getting ready for a fine.

The interaction can be hilarious at times and helps in the overall experience.

The Fans


We cannot go on about the best things in the EPL without mentioning the fans.

They’re among the most passionate and loyal fanbases you could ever dream about supporting your side.

They all wear their hearts and loyalties on their sleeves, and some will even go the extra mile to defend their team.

It’s not uncommon to find groups of fans traveling to away games to support their side. You’ll probably form a lot of strong bonds with such people.


There are various soccer leagues globally that help spread the game’s popularity.

Moreover, multi-millionaire athletes transcend countries and cultures as they inspire children to take up the beautiful sport.

Even those without the kits to play lace up their men’s running shoes to have fun on the pitch and increase their skills in football.

You will be hard-pressed not to love the English Premier League. The action is fast-paced, the athletes are among the best globally, and the fans are happy.

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