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Brett Ashley Cantwell

Brett Ashley Cantwell is a beautiful American woman, NFL fan, former teacher, and the wife of Nick Sirianni.

She came into the spotlight over her affair with American NFL coach Nick Sirianni, the manager at the Philadelphia Eagles.

The man who has had a great career as a coach in a short while since he was appointed the Philadelphia Eagles boss needed a supportive, caring, and understanding wife like Brett.

There isn’t much information on Brett Ashley, but here are the few things we know after thorough research.

Brett Ashley Cantwell Biography

Brett Ashley Cantwell

She was born in Missouri, the USA, to Debbi Cantwell and Brad Cantwell.

Brett has not revealed her actual age to the public. She has no official social media account online today.

Her father’s name is Brad Cantwell. He has a life as a businessman in America, where he has his home.

Her mother’s name is Debbie Cantwell. She is more private and qualifies as a homemaker.

Her parents impacted everything that made Brett Ashley Cantwell a wonderful and responsible woman today.

She also had siblings who all enjoyed life in the same home with both of their parents.

She has two sisters who share a lot from an early age: Courtney and Justine.

She prefers to keep a hidden profile and private lifestyle away from the media attention.

There is no information on her birthdate, family background, siblings, school friends, education, or profession.

Since the only reason she attained the spotlight was her relationship with Nick, we only have a little information about her.

Brett Ashley was formally a professional school teacher who resolved to care for her family full-time.

She is a very intelligent, diligent, loving, and caring wife.

Nick Sirianni’s Wife

Nick Sirianni Wife

Brett Ashley Cantwell is the wife of NFL Coach Nick Sirianni. They met each other for the first time in Kansas City.

They have worked on a lot since meeting as two different people, which has bonded them as a couple and family.

Their early days saw them getting to know as neighbors who stayed in the same apartment.

They were always close and had more time bonding and getting to know before they took the crucial step.

Brett Ashley Cantwell was a teacher when she met Nick, who was working his way as a coach.

Nick revealed he used his privilege of working with the Kansas City Chiefs to woe Ashley into dating him.

She was never the kind who liked men who bragged, but in this case, she was already into Nick.

Their relationship was triggered by Courtney, who is the younger sister to Brett Ashley Cantwell.

Things have been going well since their meeting, which has seen them build so much together till today.

Nick was a coach while Brett was still working as a teacher.

They started dating shortly after encountering a very stable relationship that led to marriage just two years after they got engaged in 2012.

Their wedding happened in 2013, and immediately, they both left their hometown and moved to California.

They also made another move due to Nick, which saw them making a home in Indianapolis.

After staying in the dating zone, their marriage was a huge step into making a life for themselves.

Since their marriage, they have made three offspring living together.

There isn’t much of an insight on the children’s birthdays or their ages as of today, 2023.

Brett Ashley Cantwell is a mother whose children are Miles, Taylor, and Jacob Cantwell.

Her husband, Nick Sirianni, was born in 1981 of Italian descent. He is 41 years old. He is half-Italian and half-American.

He had two siblings, Jay and Mike Sirianni. Mike oversees the affairs of Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA, as their manager.

His father, Amy Sirianni, was at the School Nick graduated from in 1999.

He began his coaching career in School when he was the School’s team defensive back coach.

He made it into college, Indiana University of Pennsylvania he became the wide receivers coach by then.

Nick obtained an interview with a nudge from his friend that eventually changed and shaped his career.

He was hired soon after the interview as the wide receivers coach for the Chicago Bears.

Nick moved to join the Indiana Colts after that in 2018.

Soon, Nick Sirianni became the Philadelphia Eagles head coach in 2021.

His game debut came with a thumping 32-6 victory over the Atlantic Falcons.

Ashley Career

Ashley Career

Brett Ashley is a professional teacher who also has ventured into other jobs to make money.

Before meeting her partner, she taught in Kansas City, where she was born with her siblings.

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Her recent occupation is unknown, as she might have moved on from being an educator.

She is still actively working and ensuring her family also sees more of her at home taking care of things.

Meanwhile, concerning her husband’s career, Nick is a coach with an established NFL career.

Brett Ashley Cantwell Net Worth

Brett Ashley Cantwell Net Worth

She has a net worth of $1 Million. Brett has decided to keep her current job, earnings, or business information private from the public.

She receives regular compensation as a former teacher in Springfield, MO, for $55,545.

Her husband, Nick, has a massive net worth of $3 million from his career as an NFL Coach.

Her partner is the major contributor to everything in their family, which is perfect.

Nick also invested more in his wife, who was at the time teaching, before moving on to become a full-time mother.

Brett Ashley Cantwell added more to her professional life by working offline, adding to her job as a homemaker.

She and her husband have established something that, to this day, is working fine with their children.

The pair also prioritize their children, who get a fair share of wealth in their education.

Brett Ashley Cantwell lives happily as a housewife and takes good care of her family.

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