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Stephanie Sarkisian

Stephanie Sarkisian is a teacher and the ex-wife of American football team coach Steve Sarkisian.

Despite her marriage not working out with her former husband, she is one of the most accomplished women.

Despite the circumstances, she has evolved, making her life turn into something meaningful afterlife by being married.

Stephanie Sarkisian Biography

Stephanie Sarkisian

She was born in 1975, and her exact place of birth is unknown, but it is confirmed as just the United States of America.

She will turn 48 years old in 2023, which is the day she celebrates her birthday, but no confirmed month.

There isn’t much known about her personal life and growing up, which seems to be private from the media.

She is of mixed-race Japanese/American, but her parent’s identity is kept private as efforts to dig them out haven’t worked.

Stephanie Sarkisian growing up was good, just like every Asian kid whose parents do everything to give them the best education.

Although things weren’t smooth, she managed to get the best growing up and facing her studies.

She did her high school in the United States, where she finished out with one of the best grades in her set.

She also furthered her education after getting her Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. State University.

Stephanie did well growing up and was one of the children of her parents, who were kept private.

There are many details about her that none of the public knows to date, as most of her life being on the media didn’t get her to talk much about her personal life.

After finishing her education, she ventured into her career, which saw her at one certain point being a substitute teacher.

There are also more things she got into before meeting his ex-husband, Steve Sarkisian, which saw her get into the eye of the media.

Stephanie Divorce

Stephanie Divorce

After long years of marriage, Stephanie Sarkisian divorced her ex-husband, Steve Sarkisian.

Their relationship started well after falling in love on their first meeting, which carried on.

It was good when it all began, and then she was still young and the best thing to ever happen to Steve Sarkisian.

They started dating during their college days when they met each other, and things were going very well.

Both of them married in 1977 in a close wedding ceremony with families and loved ones present.

Their wedding happened before Steve left for the training camp in Saskatchewan in the same year.

It was a blissful marriage that lasted 18 years before things worsened as they both filed for divorce.

They stayed married from 1977 to 2016, the official date, but their divorce came up in 2015 when the football coach announced it.

Their marriage saw them giving birth to three children during their 18 years together, which gave them two daughters, Ashley and Taylor, including a son named Brady.

In his statement, he claimed they desired to keep their privacy and work together growing up with the children they had together.

Since their divorce, her husband moved on to get married to Loreal Smith, who they are tied the knot in 2020 and is still going strong to date.

Steve Sarkisian Ex-Wife

Steve Sarkisian Ex-Wife

Stephanie Sarkisian is the ex-wife of the American football head coach side Texas Longhorns, Steve Sarkisian.

Their marriage was one of the most talked-about as the latest for just 18 before deciding to end things.

Before their divorce, Steve and Stephanie were madly in love at a certain point. They decided to make things official after dating for a while.

Things stayed good until 2015, which saw its ending, and Husband moved on to get married to Loreal Smith Sarkisian.

They both made their marriage official in 2020, five years after divorcing their first wife.

Their marriage gave them three children, and after their divorce, they still find ways to make it work together as parents.

The name of their children is Ashley, who is currently 19 years old but was 12 when their parents divorced.

Others are Taylor, who is just 13 years old, and Brady, their only son, who is 16; both were 6 and 9, respectively, when their home was divided.

Stephanie Sarkisian has managed to keep things going despite their ex-husband, Steve Sarkisian, moving on with his life and getting married.

Stephanie Career

Stephanie Career

Stephanie Sarkisian made a professional career as an educator and businesswoman.

She graduated in 1998 with a degree in elementary education, which enabled her to follow her passion as an educator.

After graduating, Stephanie began her teaching career in Washington, where she also had a home as a young lady.

She taught at several different schools, including Maplewood and Lakeview. She also worked as a special education teacher for students with more help needed.

Stephanie continued teaching in Southern California after moving due to her husband’s job, which saw her working at public and private schools.

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Stephanie moved back to Washington with their three children after her nasty divorce from her husband.

She currently teaches at a private school in Seattle, holding a top position beyond just being a teacher.

Stephanie Sarkisian is a popular individual in the education sector, where she has dedicated many years to growing young people.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s Net Worth

Stephanie Sarkisian Net Worth

Her net worth is $1 million, from her divorce and part of her job as an educator.

Stephanie Sarkisian is holding on fine despite leaving her marriage, which failed after a long time.

She is about herself as a single mother, ensuring her children have a good life.

Steve Sarkisian has a net worth of $20 million, which part goes to his divorced wife and children.

He made his recent wealth from American Football as a coach, which she turned into after an end to his playing career.

He is actively doing well and ensuring his job stays after moving from places before landing his current coaching job.

Stephanie Sarkisian and Steve Sarkisian are no longer staying together, but they do meet for their children on a couple of occasions.

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