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Marilyn Nault

Marilyn Nault was a businesswoman and the late wife of legendary NBA player of the decade Bill Russell.

She had an amazing life with everything working well for her before meeting her husband which made her name famous.

Her life with her husband before her death was filled with so much due to their differences in skin color with her being a white woman.

Marilyn Nault Biography

Marilyn Nault

She was born on January 15, 1950, in Concordia, Kansas City which is in the United States of America.

Marilyn Nault lived a good life during her growing up she saw going through a lot but managed to make it through.

She could already clock 72 years old as of 2022 when her birthday would have been celebrated earlier in the year.

The names of her parents were, Quentin Nault her father who was just a regular citizen in the United States of America.

Her mother was named Helen Nault who was there for basically all of her growing up with other siblings.

Marilyn had other four brothers which all grew up together with their parents at an early age.

Their names weren’t made public despite digging that was done to reveal everything about all her siblings.

It was just information about her parents’ names and where they lived during the early days of their daughter’s life.

Their family has devoted Catholics who have a strong relationship with God and raised their children on the same path.

During her younger age, she did make her education a priority, and information was made public where she attended.

For her grade education, she attended a Catholic school where she got the best educational wise and her faith in God.

She did attend the same in her High School days before moving on to other institutions in her life.

Nothing more was made public from there on with no University confirmed or college.

After her education was done, she did move on to work as a salesperson in a jewelry store.

She also did other jobs but they weren’t made public despite how to open her life was when she met her husband.

Marilyn Children

Marilyn Children

Marilyn Nault’s life with her ex-husband didn’t see them both giving birth to any children until her death.

Although she was a stepmother to all kids from Bill Russell’s previous marriages which were with two women before her.

Her husband’s first marriage was to Rose Swisher and they got married on December 9th, 1956.

During their marriage together they had three children which were the only ones in his entire life despite getting married four times.

Their names include Jacob Russell, William Russell, and Karen Russell who all were loved and cared for by their parents.

The relationship between the first half lasted for two decades while they all lived together with their three children together growing up.

Their marriage ended in 1973 and both of them were divorced but were still in connection due to the children they had together.

She later lived on but nothing was confirmed if she got married to another person or remained single until her death on September 11, 2014.

Marilyn’s ex-husband’s second marriage was with Dorothy Anstett which was a big issue back then for an interracial marriage to be legalized in the United States of America.

Their life together could only last till 1980 and no children were involved in that marriage like the first one was with three kids.

After the two previous marriages, he decided to settle for a 3rd wife which was already causing so more eyes raised on him.

Marilyn Nault was a stepmother to all three children from Bill Russell’s marriage with her being the 3rd wife.

Marilyn Death

Marilyn Death

Marilyn Nault’s death was confirmed to have happened on January 21st, 2009 with the cause unknown.

She was just hitting the age of 59 with her birthday celebrated just a few days ago with family and loved ones.

Her death was seen as shocking and unexpected as she just celebrated her birthday some days ago.

Details about her death have been kept private by the family who didn’t release them to the public as it was a decision best good for them.

The decision was taken by husband Bill Russell who was in great shock and mourning the loss of his wife.

It was also claimed that she might have a severe illness which might have prompted to her be unable to recover before passing on.

Her death wasn’t a good time for her husband and step-children who were all saddened by her untimely end.

Before leaving she was still married to Bill Russell who was the one by her side during the tough time before giving up the ghost.

Bill Russell Ex-Wife

Bill Russell Ex-Wife

Marilyn Nault was the ex-wife of popularly known former NBA player and coach Bill Russell.

Their life together was eventful with so much happiness as they fell in love so deeply with each other.

Bill was first married to two women in his life which ended up with them both getting divorced.

Their names include Rose Swisher and Dorothy Anstett who both were with him until they separated.

He only had three children in his first marriage and the last child was named Karen Russell, born on January 20th, 1962.

The first of his children is named William Felton Russell Jr., born on November 2, 1957.

He is the first son of the legendary NBA player, his second child Jacob Russell was born on July 6th, 1959.

All the children came from their first wife Rose Swisher and they were all together with Marilyn Nault as their stepmother.

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Bill met Marilyn when she was still working as a salesperson for a jewelry store and they started dating.

They both dated for four years with both of them deciding to take their relationship more seriously by getting engaged.

Their marriage happened on February 17th, 2000 as a celebrity with family members in a small event.

Their 1996 relationship was going well after their marriage which saw them making so many public appearances with her adopting Russell as their last name.

Unfortunately, their marriage could only last for nine years as she passed on in 2009 leaving her husband.

Marilyn Nault and Bill Russell were together until her last day on earth, but he later moved on and married Jeanine Russell.

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