Emma Hadfield Bio: Gary Neville Wife

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Emma Hadfield

Emma Hadfield is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the wife of former footballer Gary Neville.

She is known for being the partner of the now football pundit who once had an illustrious career as a football player.

Her role as a wife isn’t just what she offers to her family, but she contributes more to making sure things are going well for them.

Emma Hadfield Biography

Emma Hadfield

She was born on March 18, 1980, in Middleton, located in the United Kingdom.

Emma Hadfield is 42 years old; as of 2022, she recently marked her birthday with family and loved ones months ago.

Being popularly known is not something she has always admired, like her husband, who is used to being such a person.

The public does not know many things about her personal life.

She has avoided questions about her personal life or kept herself hidden on a couple of occasions to make sure everything stays private.

Information about her parents has been inaccurate as they both didn’t have a good marriage.

Both of her parents are divorced, and they separated when Emma was still a young lady.

Her mother’s name is Linda; she was the one who took charge of the responsibilities of taking care of her and the other children.

There isn’t much knowledge about the names of her siblings.

She had a good one for her education, just like every other English child growing up in the United Kingdom.

She attended all her schooling in her community, where she grew up with family, which was a good experience.

There isn’t much in the names of the schools she attended, but she did reveal attending Middleton College.

During her time there, she studied Holistic Therapy, which is the only known thing she did in school known to the public.

Emma Career

Emma Career

Emma Hadfield’s career is known as a shop assistant. It was a job she did before meeting her famous husband.

She used to do back then but it isn’t much known about her recent endeavors.

Although we know she had been involved with so many things back then before establishing herself as a grown lady.

After meeting her husband Gary Neville during his active football career, she got involved in some things.

Emma Hadfield contributed to making the world a better place by getting involved with various charity organizations.

Most football players get their families involved in helping their community and making the world a better place for the less privileged.

There is no doubt that she has made a massive contribution to the world and family with her career, despite how little it may sound.

Emma Hadfield Children

Emma Hadfield Children

Emma Hadfield has two children with her husband, an ex-football player with Manchester United of England.

She is an accomplished mother of two children to who she has contributed immensely to make sure their growing up was easy.

Her children’s names are Molly and Sophie; they are the only two children of both parents who haven’t had any other one to date.

Emma and Gary have been doing a perfect job as parents to make sure their children grow up the best versions of themselves.

Their first daughter Molly Neville was born on January 11, 2009, in the United Kingdom, where they still live.

She is 13 years old and recently celebrated her birthday with her family. There isn’t much known about her as she is still young.

The family’s youngest child, Sophie Neville, was born in 2010.

She is one year younger than her elder sister, and they both celebrated their birthdays in 2022.

Both children get equal love for both parents, who always show up when needed to perform their duties to their children.

They live as a happy family who keeps a low profile so the public can respect their privacy.

Gary Neville Wife

Gary Neville Wife

Emma Hadfield is the wife of retired former England and Manchester United football player Gary Neville.

They have been a happy couple over the years of their marriage and have managed to avoid scandals.

That can be thanks to Emma, who has been the kind of wife who keeps things private and does everything possible to avoid the media.

Although the time doesn’t work for her, they are always cameras when she attends events with her husband.

Most of their early time together was a secret affair that went on long before it was made public.

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In 2004, they met for the first time and started talking.

Emma and Neville’s relationship was private until they attended a few outings in Manchester.

Then it was made known that Emma Hadfield and Gary had a thing going on, at which point they made it official as a couple.

They got engaged in 2007, which was the best day for Emma, whom her husband proposed to during their getaway holiday in Gozo, near Malta.

It was a beautiful day as the wedding bells were next for the couple who exchanged vows on June 16, 2007.

It was an eventful day as they had so much support making their dreams a reality in the presence of important people in their lives.

Emma Hadfield and Gary Neville have both been in love raising their family and achieving greater heights together as one.

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