Helena Seger Bio Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wife

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Helena Seger

Helena Seger is a Swedish actress, model, and the wife of Sweden footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Over the years she has earned so much fame for herself before getting involved with his husband.

Aside from success on the screen, she’s also involved with a business that she is currently into as of today.

Helena Seger Biography

Helena Seger

She was born on the 25th of August 1970, in Orebro County which is a place located in Sweden.

Helena Segar will clock 52 years old when it gets to August 25th which will see her hold the usual ceremony or mark her birthday with family.

She had so much coming from her parents who made sure growing wasn’t that hard for her and her siblings.

The names of her parents are Ingemar Seger who is her father and her mother name is Margareta Seger.

All together they live with all their children who get the same amount of love and support from their parents.

Helena Seger has two other siblings who she is older than both of them, and being an elder sister comes with her being looked upon on so many occasions.

She has a little brother named Henrik Seger, including a sister who is older than she is also named, Karin Seger.

Their big family of five was all happy with so much coming from both parents who work as hard to make sure they provide every day.

Growing up she had a good educational life just like all her siblings who at one point had to enjoy the same benefit.

There isn’t much about the names of the school she did attend, but they were all in Sweden which is where she lived all her life.

Information about her grade and high school was omitted from the public as all efforts to find it proved very difficult.

Although she did bag her degree in Economics which is what she studied during her University days.

The name of the University is also not made public but it was in Sweden which is where she did all her education.

She also did study communication and brand management at the University but is not known if it was the same institution or a different one.

Her going through so much education has been a blessing to her as she learned a lot which is helping her through life.

Helena Career

Helena Career

She has had an amazing career in films, Television, model, and most importantly as a businesswoman.

Helena Seger started her career working for different multinational companies including taking some roles in films after she graduates from school.

Her modeling career was the first thing she went into as of age 13 years she was already making it something of a big deal.

At such young age, she got a job as a model for the Swedish firm Gul and Bla which was a good experience for her career growing up.

She has worked with so many brands from her younger age which have names like Diesel, Bonner, Corona, Hooch, Malaco Leaf, Reply, Rabbit, and many more others.

All the brands were places she did work all through her career from a young age until growing up into a mature lady.

While trying to figure things out for herself she started off working as a free sales representative.

She was named the best sales representative in the market with her ability to get more customers to come to do business with them.

Helena Seger worked with Swedish Match in 1998 before joining Austria Tabak where she had to then further her education in communication and brand management.

She also enjoyed so much fame as a model who did ramp walks for popular companies and brands.

Her career is something most people wish for as she has done it all in different works of life.

Helena Children

Helena Children

Helena Seger is blessed with two children named Maximiliano and Vincent Ibrahimovic.

Her children gives her so much joy and a reminder of how blessed she has been as a mother.

Despite the difference she has always made it work with her husband who also has so much on his path to play.

She gave birth to two of her children with the Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is still her husband today.

Their marriage has been blessed so much that despite their busy work in life, they have managed to keep things going.

The couple had their first child named Maximiliano on September 22nd, 2006 which they made public via social media.

Their first child will clock 16 years old as of September 22nd, 2022 which is a milestone for the family.

While their second child together Vincent, was born on 6th March 2008 with both parents happy to have been blessed once again.

The child will be 14 years old when it gets to March 6th as of the year 2022 with so much love being shown by the proud parents.

Both of their children are doing good with their education and none has shown any seriousness in taking the same path as their father who is a football player.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wife

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wife

Helena Seger is the wife of Sweden International and AC Milan football club of Italy’s wife Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Their relationship started way back in 2002 when they first got involved in the Parking Lot.

Both of them had issues after their car bumped into each other with Zlatan double-parks his Ferrari beside Helena’s.

Their clash led to altercations which left the actress in a very bad mood before it was later resolved and they became friends immediately.

Things got serious as they made it a relationship that saw them seeing each other so often outside and privately.

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In 2005, it was claimed that they both moved in together to Italy which was where things started hitting up well between them.

Helena Seger did leave her job one time with BBC Radio because of the AC Milan striker when they started dating.

Their lives were working out fine, and the player made another move to Barcelona where both of them had to relocate once again to Spain where he spent just one year.

In 2010, it was another move back to Italy when her husband joined AC Milan before that they already welcomed two children together named Maximiliano and Vincent.

They were born in 2006 and 2008, and both children are the only two they have had together to date.

Helena Seger has been a huge fan of her husband Zlatan Ibrahimovic whom she has made many sacrifices moving with him to different countries.

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