Sandra Zouma Bio: Kurt Zouma Wife

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Sandra Zouma

Sandra Zouma is a product manager and the wife of France International football player Kurt Zouma.

She has played a huge role in the life of the footballer who plays as a defender in the English Premier League.

She’s not just a mother and wife to her family, but she’s also successful and has a career going well.

Sandra Zouma Biography

Sandra Zouma

She was born in 1992 in France, but her month of birth and date was never made public by her at any point.

Sandra Zouma has so much about her private life hidden as she is one of those who keeps on a low profile.

She is of French citizen by birth and has parents who did so much during her younger age.

The names of her parents are yet to be known as several efforts to find something about them never ended up going well.

She has managed to keep everything about her personal life a top secret from the media despite being a well-known individual.

There isn’t much also known about her siblings and how many of them she has out there.

Although there are possibilities that she might have none of them or at least have her reasons for not sharing such information.

So many details missing about her, but we tried as much as possible to pick out some few we did find out about her educational life.

She did make it through her younger years studying and modeling herself into the successful woman she is off today.

Her age grade and high school were done in France where she lived all her life before meeting her husband Kurt Zouma.

She bagged a degree in a business course at the University, but we can’t confirm the name of which country it was.

She excelled all through her process getting an education that wasn’t in private schools as many others had the luxury to enjoy.

But from her career and what she does for a living, we can confirm she did well during her education which made her who she is today.

Sandra Career

Sandra Career

Sandra Zouma is a level-headed career woman known as a product manager who also does charity work.

She is a success story of a woman who just doesn’t depend on her husband’s fame to keep her going.

Most of her dealing is for charity organizations and others that help make the world a better place for others.

She is a kind-hearted woman just like her football husband who has spent most of their time giving out helping hands.

They are known for making numerous donations to help create needs for people who lack in their community.

Sandra has so many achievements from her works which she kept closed and did not make a public affair.

She is passionate and that has got her to places where her works have been admired by people who have gone into things with her.

She has also made it her life work to fight for the less privileged just like her husband who has done so much in his home country.

Sandra Children

Sandra Children

Sandra Zouma has five lovely children who she gave birth to them with her husband Kurt Zouma.

They have a big family of seven including both parents who do everything possible to provide always.

The names of their children are Shanna, Sihame, Sanaa, Ryan, and Kais Zouma who all still live together with their parents.

There isn’t much information made public on the birthdays of their children with different sources unable to track them down.

But their oldest child is Shanna who could be in her teenage years and she’s already making a path for herself.

She is into modeling and has already done some amazing jobs for brands that have used her pictures for their products.

They have three females in the family which include, Shanna, Sihame, and Sanaa who are the last amongst the girls.

While two boys in the house are Ryan and Kais making them all five in number.

Both parents have equal love for each of them and have continued to support and provide for every one of their needs.

Zouma Cat Scandal

Zouma Cat Scandal

Sandra Zouma’s husband Kurt Zouma was hit with a scandal after a video of him kicking and abusing his cat.

It was claimed that the video was uploaded by his brother on Snapchat which was deleted after responses from people who drew attention to it.

What was meant to be something fun for them turned into a major scandal hitting both brothers hard than they expected.

Both of them were heavily criticized with most calling for the West Ham United played to be sacked and jailed.

To many, it was a harsh decision despite him coming out to apologize and paying a heavy fine.

His career has also been hit as he was once banned by his club who also fined him for such a video.

His brother also faced the same issues as he was kicked out of his team for a while before making a comeback.

Kurt Zouma is still facing more charges which could see him being jailed after a full investigation has been done.

Sandra Zouma has been supportive of his husband who made public statements condemning his actions.

Kurt Zouma Wife

Kurt Zouma Wife

Sandra Zouma is the wife of West Ham United and France International footballer Kurt Zouma.

They have been together for a long time making them one of the oldest couple who is still much younger.

Their relationship has produced five children so far and maybe they could be planning for more as they still have a long way to go.

They started dating when they were both teenagers with her husband much younger and still trying to figure out his football career.

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There isn’t so much we gather during their early days of dating as that information wasn’t made official or public.

Although their relationship got serious in 2012 which was the year they decided to get married after dating for years.

She was 19 years while her husband was 17 years old when they tied the knot of marriage to one.

Their parents were supportive of their decision and blessed them to get married themselves.

Sandra Zouma and Kurt Zouma have both made good on their promises as a couple who have five children so far.

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