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Chris Trippier

Chris Trippier is a cultivation manager and the father of England international Kieran Trippier.

He has done so much as a father for his son who in return has made something good for himself.

His support for his family was indeed something good that helped them in achieving so much in life.

Chris Trippier Biography

Chris Trippier

He was born in 1966, in the English town of Bury, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

His birthday isn’t known yet, it is just the year which is enough to know his age in 2022.

Chris Trippier is 56 years old, as of 2022 he is already hit another milestone on earth which a birthday is expected to have been celebrated.

Some sketchy details are revealing he is of African heritage but nothing legit has been fished out to back those claims.

Although we know for now he is of English ethnicity, a place he has been all his life till today.

So much information is missing about him as he only makes a public appearance once in a while when needed.

His growing up wasn’t easy for his parents who struggled to provide what was needed for him back then.

Although he was able to get the necessary things needed to make sure he wasn’t going through the wrong path in life.

There aren’t more things put out to the media which left some vital information missing.

The name of his parents are unknown as of now, nothing, in particular, has been said about them.

The names of his siblings are also out of the picture as none of them has been introduced to the public by Chris Trippier.

He is one secretive individual who has managed to avoid talking about his personal life that has been made private.

Chris Education

Chris Education

Chris Trippier did all his education in community schools in the United Kingdom.

It is also little or none knew about the names and which of them he did attend at his young age.

As we know he is from a town in Bury which is in Greater Manchester, a place he also raised his children.

The place meant so much to him knowing how he grew up with his parent in the peace-loving community.

His education is expected to have reached the level of high school, but he might have studied further though.

There isn’t much information made public on his education life which might be something he does not talk about because he never had the best of it.

Although from who he is today, he indeed is an intelligent and hard-working man who did well for his children and still doing so for himself.

Only an educated person with so much can be at the point where he is now despite him not being too wealthy.

Kieran Trippier Father

Kieran Trippier Father

Chris Trippier is the father of England International and Newcastle United football player Kieran Trippier.

He has played a huge part in the life of his son whom they share a good bond and relationship.

His wife’s name is Eleanor Lomax, she is a cashier who works for an estate company.

She is also equally in the life of their son who has gone on to make them both proud parents.

Kieran Trippier has made his way back to England after joining Newcastle United in the 2021-22 season as their highest-paid player.

This has given his parents the opportunity of getting closer to their son who was in Spain for the last couple of years.

He also once played for Tottenham before making a move to Atletico Madrid after a tempting offer was made.

Coming back to England has been a good one for mostly his father who is a huge fan of his son.

Chris Trippier has a flag of his son’s name erected in his home, it is a sign of how proud he is all through the journey of his career.

He has also gone on the grant more interviews concerning the flag put up by him, which he said he was adamant to do it.

He also expresses how proud he is of seeing people pass by and take pictures with the flag.

Chris claims that it goes a long way in showing how much his son had achieved playing football.

During his son growing up, he encouraged him alongside other of his children to follow their dreams.

They are all a family who loves football with them share a lot in common and support the sport.

Chris Trippier and Kieran Trippier’s bond were strong enough due to what they share in football as a game they love.

Chris Trippier Children

Chris Trippier Children

Chris Trippier is a blessed father who has four children who are all males, not females amongst them.

They all share one thing in common, which is football, and they all at one certain point in their lives played the game.

Their names are Christopher, Curtis, Kelvin, and the Newcastle United man Kieran Trippier.

Kieran Trippier is the only one who so far make it big with his career amongst all his brothers who played the game professionally.

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He has played for many teams in England including Tottenham before he left for Atletico Madrid in Spain.

He is now back in England where it all started for him from his younger age with he signed to Newcastle United.

Amongst all the children of Chris, Kelvin is also another one who made good of his football career but used his mother’s name, Lomax.

He was born on 12 November 1986, making him just four years older than Kieran who is still active.

Kelvin didn’t play top-flight football as he could only manage a career playing for lower-division sides in England.

His most productive career was spent with Oldham Athletic where he made more appearances playing the club.

Christopher and Curtis did play the game but they didn’t take it seriously like their two brothers who made it a career.

Chris Trippier had shown support for all his children regardless of how much they did for themselves or their football careers.

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