Oriana Sabatini Bio: Paulo Dybala Girlfriend

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Oriana Sabatini

Oriana Sabatini is a model, singer, actress, and girlfriend of Argentina football player Paulo Dybala.

She is a young, accomplished lady who has done well for herself before gaining the spotlight.

There is so much she has managed to do by herself, which can’t be said to have made happen because of her relationship with her football boyfriend.

Oriana Sabatini Biography

Oriana Sabatini

She was born in 1996, in Buenos Aires, South America, Argentina.

Oriana Sabatini is 26 years old; she recently celebrated another milestone on earth in 2022 with her family and friends.

Her growing up was perfect, knowing her parents had everything available for her as a child who needed so much.

Her parents did everything possible to ensure she didn’t have to stress or suffer to get anything when she was still growing up.

She grew up in a lovely community in Argentina, where she was a popular kid based on her parents’ status.

Her father’s name is Osvaldo Sabatini, a businessman and an actor in Argentina.

Her mother’s name is Catherine Fulop; she is a Venezuelan actress, an accomplished woman at her job.

Both Oriana’s parents are well known all over South America, where they reside.

She is of Argentina and Venezuela heritage since both of her parents share different ethnicity.

She has a younger sister who has been close to her from childhood until today, and they are both grown up.

Her sister is Tiziana Sabatini; she is three years younger than her elder sister, who is currently 26 years old.

They both grew up together with their famous parents, who were always busy, but their children did get enough time being with them.

She is related to legendary tennis player Gabriela Sabatini, who is another famous name in the family.

Oriana Education

Oriana Education

Oriana Sabatini’s education wasn’t like every other kid in the community where she did grow up.

She had to do things differently as a child of an Argentina Celebrity who was able to afford the best education at any place.

Her parents did the best she needed to ensure she got the best education while being interested in other things.

Oriana Sabatini was allowed to explore her craft while going to school from an early age.

For children of her age back then, she was talented like her parents, who were born into the spotlight.

She had a good foundation when starting her education with her parents, who tailored everything to ensure she was a good student.

No names mentioned on which school she attended when she was around the age of 10.

She attended art school at a young age and studied singing, piano, and theater.

She moved on to further her craft in an acting school as she attended Julio Chávez working training Institute.

She finished through the New York Film Academy, where she mastered it before becoming a full-time actress.

Paulo Dybala Girlfriend

Paulo Dybala Girlfriend

Oriana Sabatini is the girlfriend of Argentina International football star Paulo Dybala.

They have been happy together in their relationship, which has been ongoing for years.

They both started seeing each other on a low key before deciding to make it public by announcing their relationship.

Their journey together hasn’t been easy, but they have remained strong despite everything hitting them.

They have come out together attending occasions with them looking stunning, mostly when Paulo Dybala is on break for the season.

So many adorable moments have been shared between them, which is something they both don’t want to let go of anytime soon as lovers.

The Argentina football star isn’t the first relationship Oriana has had to date; her first boyfriend is Julián Serrano.

He is an actor and a YouTuber who she dated from 2014 until 2017 when they had to separate from each other after three years.

There was no information about their breakup; we couldn’t find the reason for their separation, which came as a shock to her fans.

Oriana started seeing Dybala a few years ago, but their relationship wasn’t made open then, with them still trying to figure out themselves.

Things worked fine before they made things official in 2018 that they are both in a serious relationship.

They have been going so strong from that time of announcement until today as they look like the end game.

They don’t have any kids together for now, but there are possibilities of them thinking in the direction when the time comes.

Their love is solid and telling from their public appearances; we can suggest something that won’t be coming to an end anytime soon.

Oriana and Paulo Dybala are not married for now, but they are in love, and it won’t be long before they decide to tie the knot.

Oriana Sabatini Career

Oriana Sabatini Career

Oriana Sabatini is a successful actress, singer, and model who has earned so much respect from her jobs.

She started as a model when she was still a teenager at age 13 when she got her first job, thanks to her parents.

In 2011, she appeared in an Uruguay telenovela film titled Porque te Quiero así; it gave her a break as a young actress.

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She followed up the next year, 2012, in another television show titled Aliados; she was one of the series’ casts until 2014.

In 2017, she worked for the famous brand L’Oréal which recruited her for advertising and campaigning for their new product.

Still the same year, in 2017, she started her music career as a solo singer who debuted her single.

The name of her first music single is titled ‘Love Me Down Easy,’ which is an English song.

She appeared in June as a backup singer for American singer and actress Ariana Grande during one of her tours.

In 2018, she made her first film debut in Perdida and became a significant star in Medusa with Esteban Lamothe.

She has acted in other top movies and television series, and over the years, her name has been on top of every film and TV producers list.

Oriana Sabatini is still looking forward to breaking more boundaries in her career, with the Hollywood industry being her target.

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