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Alison Southgate

Alison Southgate is a businesswoman and the wife of England national football team coach Gareth Southgate.

She is a well-known figure who is doing so well for herself and her family, who is a priority despite her being the type who takes her businesses seriously.

Many have seen her contribution to her husband’s life over the years of them being together as husband and wife.

Alison Southgate Biography

Alison Southgate

She was born on June 6, 1967, in Harrogate, England, in the European nation known as the United Kingdom.

Alison Southgate is 55 years old as of 2022; she has already celebrated another year of her life on earth, and her family and friends wished her a happy birthday.

There is so much she hasn’t opened up about herself, mostly about her personal life, which the public is yet to know more about as she is currently one of the most famous known celebrity wives.

She isn’t open to the spotlight repeatedly; she continues to avoid it a lot, making sure her life remains as private as possible to ensure nothing is a public matter concerning her.

Due to Alison’s secret life, so much vital information is missing about her personal life from her growing up with her parents, who did a lot for her.

The name of her parents is currently unavailable everywhere as she is yet to make any revealing information concerning their identities.

We don’t also have information on the jobs they did to take care of her when she was still growing up as a child.

We can’t confirm if Alison Southgate does have any siblings she grew up with at a certain point in her life under her parents.

She has yet to talk about her family members in which we can’t locate or identify anyone from her background related to her by blood.

Gareth Southgate Wife

Gareth Southgate Wife

Alison Southgate is the wife of football legend and England coach Gareth Southgate.

Their love story started so many years ago when they were both much younger and still pushing to establish themselves.

They have been with each other for so long that they understand everything and are fully involved with the lives of each other in everything they are doing.

It wasn’t easy for them to get together during their first meeting, which happened at the wrong time as Alison was still dating back then.

Their first meeting was in 1995; back then, Gareth Southgate worked as a trainee while trying to establish himself as a professional.

They didn’t hit things off immediately as, at that point, Alison was in a committed relationship with Russell Gibbs, who was doing well.

Things between the couple didn’t last long as they soon ended their relationship, which gave Southgate the opportunity of getting closer.

They were able to exchange phone numbers, and they began making private conversations, which led to them getting more closure between themselves.

Soon after, they started seeing each other and going out together, but it was all behind closed doors as they needed more time to know each other more.

Things soon got serious that same year as their relationship became something they couldn’t keep hidden as they came out to the public.

Alison and Gareth got married in 1997, just a few years after dating each other and understanding more of themselves.

Their wedding ceremony was big in which many families and friends came out to show their support and love for the newly wedded couple.

They are happily married, which has been strong for over 25 years, with children coming their way.

Alison Education

Alison Education

Alison Southgate enjoyed all her education life in England, United Kingdom, which is her home place.

All information concerning her education is a bit sketchy as she has yet to come out and confirm everything on her behalf.

She came from a home in which her mother and father took education was taken so seriously, as both of her parents invested heavily to make sure they gave her the best.

She got sent into all the best schools both parents could afford when she was still younger and looking to shape herself for the future.

Luckily for Alison’s parents, their daughter is always ready and eager to learn, so it wasn’t so much of an issue for her education.

Her primary education is one that was closer to their home during Alison’s younger age as her parents were able to monitor her growth.

She did college in the same community, which continued giving her everything to ensure she didn’t get distracted by anything else.

Alison did well in all her grades which had her parents proud, and her teachers gave her many remarks as one of the best students of her time.

She graduated from a prestigious University, but we can not still find details concerning the name, when, or the year she graduated.

Gareth Southgate Children

Alison Southgate Children

Gareth Southgate is the father of two children with his wife, Alison Southgate.

They both have one son and one daughter in all their excellent together as a married couple and when they started dating each other.

Their firstborn child is a daughter named Mia Southgate; she was born in 2002, several years after her parents married.

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She is 20 years old as of 2022 as the family’s eldest child who has already done her birthday this year.

Their second child is a son named Flynn Southgate; he was born in 2006, four years younger than Mia, who is the firstborn.

He is currently 16 years old as of 2022, already celebrating another year on earth as a teenager growing older.

We couldn’t find anything more on both children doing well for themselves in their respective fields of career choice.

Their father is always proud and has gone to the media to express how much his family meant to him.

Alison Southgate now has a happy family to support and care for their children.

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