Chelsea Kilgore Bio: JJ Redick wife

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Chelsea Kilgore

Chelsea Kilgore is a professional Pilates instructor and the wife of NBA player JJ Redick.

She is mostly regarded as the woman who became famous after his relationship started with her partner, who is in the NBA.

Aside from her fame from her husband, she is also a woman who has set a standard for herself and does good without depending on her partner.

Chelsea Kilgore Biography

Chelsea Kilgore

She was born May 12, 1987, in a big city called Miami, Florida, in the United States of America.

Chelsea Kilgore is 35 years old and did her birthday in the first half of 2022, which was an amazing day for her to celebrate another year on earth.

She grew up in the United States of America, where she spent all her livelihood from childhood until her grown-up age.

She is of white heritage with a blonde, and there aren’t full details on her ethnicity and heritage as that information is still being sorted out.

Her growing up was good, and she had both her parents who had equal involvement in her growing up and are also still close with her today.

Her father’s name is John Kilgore, a businessman and a reputable man who has achieved a lot throughout his life and made him a respectable man.

Her mother’s name is Robin Kilgore, and she is a respectable woman who is regarded as a homemaker and involved in some business.

She has a twin who both did living together up from childhood until they moved out of their parent’s home when they grew up.

Her sibling’s name is Kylee Jean; her twin sister is of the same and came to life the same day.

Having a twin made things very easy for her growing up as she had someone who did everything together.

Chelsea Kilgore enjoyed so much love from her parents, who were well-established financially and could provide for their child.

JJ Redick Wife

JJ Redick Wife

Chelsea Kilgore is the wife of JJ Redick, now retired NBA and a sports analyst for ESPN.

Their relationship has been on for years and counting till this day which has seen them live together very happily.

Their relationship came to the limelight in 2008, which was made public after them spending some time secretly.

They decide to come out by sharing their relationship journey with the whole world, which has been going strong since 2008.

Chelsea Kilgore earned praise from her husband, JJ Redick, who claims she is the reason his life turned around since their meeting.

Their love was good, and they continued dating before taking the next step, which was getting engaged.

The couple got engaged in July 2009, just one year after they officially announced their relationship to the world.

Things didn’t slow down between the couple, as they couldn’t wait any longer before making things fully official and legalized.

By June 26, 2010, Chelsea Kilgore and JJ Redick tied the knot in an elaborate wedding ceremony that was filled with special guests.

Soon after their romantic wedding, they decided on going for their honeymoon, which saw them taking time out in Italy and Spain.

Their marriage has also been fruitful, with everything working out the way they had planned when they started dating.

There is also a shocking revelation made by Chelsea Kilgore’s husband, who claimed things haven’t been easy for her.

JJ Redick narrated how his wife is a single mother every nine months of the year, which wasn’t something that she couldn’t.

Chelsea Kilgore and JJ Redick are excelling well in their marriage, with them always sharing so much time.

Chelsea Education

Chelsea Education

Chelsea Kilgore is an educated woman who has achieved so much in terms of completing school.

Her education is a key part of her which is something that has kept her going in all her ventures in life.

It wasn’t all credit given to her, but her parents also played a key role in ensuring her education was well-tailored.

From an early age, Chelsea entered a nursery school where she had the chance to learn the basics, as her parents sometimes also tutored her at home.

She later grew up and attended Canton Public School, which was in the community where she grew up.

She didn’t have the opportunity to attend the best private schools like many others who had the luxury of enjoying such privilege.

She finished her degree at Mississippi State University which she started during the same year she met her husband in 2008.

Chelsea Kilgore passed from the University in 2012, where she explored Elementary education and teaching.

Chelsea Kilgore Children

Chelsea Kilgore Children

Chelsea Kilgore and JJ Redick have two children together in their successful marriage, which has been going on for 12 years.

The couple has two sons together, and that has been the only children in their marriage to date.

Their children’s names are Knox and Kai; they are both not far of age from each other, and they are also blessed to have their parents.

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Knox is the eldest child of a family of just two children and his parents, which makes them four in number.

He was born in August 2014 in the United States of America, where his parents have stayed all their lives.

He is eight years old as of 2022, and his birthday was celebrated months ago by his parents, who made it a wonderful day.

Kai is the second child and son of Chelsea Kilgore and JJ Redick, both happy on his birthday.

He was born in August 2016, the same month as his elder brother, who is just two years older.

Kai is six years old today, making him the last born of his family, who isn’t that big in number.

Chelsea Kilgore and JJ Redick are doing a lot as parents for their children, who are still growing up in the early stages of their lives.

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