Melissa Shouldice Bio: Gabriel Landeskog Wife

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Melissa Shouldice

Melissa Shouldice is a professional wardrobe stylist and the wife of Sweden ice hockey player Gabriel Landeskog.

She is a brilliant woman with a lot of success in her field, which is what put her name out before meeting her better half.

She does a lot more away from the scene, and she is used to that lifestyle which has seen her do everything staying off the media.

Melissa Shouldice Biography

Melissa Shouldice

She was born on January 20, 1991, in one of the biggest cities in Canada, which is called Toronto, Ontario.

Melissa Shouldice is 31 years old as of 2022, and she celebrates her birth very early in the year, which her family and friends made a perfect day.

She is a citizen of Canada, where she did most of her growing up as a child and also part of adulthood which was all good memories.

Name Melissa Shouldice
Age 31 Years Old
Date Of Birth January 20, 1991
Spouse Gabriel Landeskog
Children Linnea Raw Landeskog

Her time under the care of her parents wasn’t that bad, with her getting most of what she desired as a child growing up.

Her parent’s identities, for now, are not available with her not talking so much about them at any point in time.

She is from home with so much love given to her by her parents, with nothing said about them.

Melissa Shouldice keeps a lot private as she does not appreciate being in the spotlight, negatively affecting people.

We don’t know if Mel did grow up as the only child of her family; she hasn’t opened up about the identities of her siblings.

Aside from all the hidden things about her, she turned out to be an amazing successful woman today, which tells a lot about how she grew up.

Melissa Shouldice moved to the United States of America later in life with her family.

Gabriel Landeskog Wife

Gabriel Landeskog Wife

Melissa Shouldice is the wife of a professional ice hockey player called Gabriel Landeskog.

The moments between the couple have been one journey they are still enjoying today, and they are not slowing down anytime soon.

Their relationship has been good since they hit things off during the early days, which had them keeping things low-key.

Melissa Shouldice and Gabriel Landeskog are both married as of today, and that decision has been the best of their lives.

They took a long time before making their relationship a public affair as they had to make sure they felt the same way for each other.

Their relationship went public in 2012, and since then, they have been all over each other on many dates.

Their closeness was just so much that there was a lot of telling that it could only be a matter of time before they made things official.

They started as best friends who met and exchanged contacts and started a conversation that is now going strong.

Melissa Shouldice and Gabriel Landeskog had moments when things weren’t working out as they had planned to go between them.

The couple had to figure out a lot until they decided to get engaged to each other, which was around 2017.

Melissa Shouldice and Gabriel Landeskog walked down the aisle and exchanged vows on July 7, 2018, in the presence of so many people.

Their wedding took place at the Pelican Hill Newport Beach resort, which is in California, United States of America.

The wedding was an elaborate celebration which had everyone from both families present to enjoy the wonderful day.

Their marriage is also successful with children and a family of their own, which is going very strong till today.

Melissa Shouldice and Gabriel Landeskog are both happy couples who are still together with their family.

Melissa Education

Melissa Education

Melissa Shouldice completed every level of her education, from nursery to getting a degree.

She could get the best of studies made available all through her early age by both parents.

Her family is the kind that takes education very seriously, and Melissa had to make sure she didn’t disappoint.

From an early age, she also liked studying a lot, and her parents encouraged her to carry on.

As a toddler, her parents had to place her in a school closer to their home where she got some important nursery education.

She had the opportunity of also moving into high school when she was much older and able to do things for herself.

Her grades were always on point at the end of every school term, which saw her progressing well.

She finished at the University of Guelph, where she explored Psychology and bagged a degree.

Melissa Shouldice had a successful education, which is working so well for her today.

Melissa Shouldice Children

Melissa Shouldice Children

Melissa Shouldice is a mother of two children with her husband, Gabriel Landeskog.

She is a successful woman in every aspect of life, both as a career and family woman, which are all going well.

For now, we couldn’t put details together about the identities of Melissa’s children or even their names.

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We only know of the name of her first child, a daughter called Linnea Raw Landeskog.

She also has a son whom we don’t have any idea of his name as of today, as her parents are keeping a low profile.

Melissa Shouldice and Gabriel’s children are growing up fast as they are still both little children.

We don’t have information on what year both children were welcomed by the couple, who keep a lot private.

Having children has always been the plan for the couple, who knew what they wanted for themselves before anything else.

Having two children in their lives is everything they have ever wished for, and they all live happily with their small families.

Melissa Shouldice does a lot as a mother with the support of her husband, Gabriel Landeskog, in making sure their family is doing well.

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