Patty Mills Wife: Alyssa Mills Bio

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Alyssa Mills

Alyssa Mills is an entrepreneur, business owner, and the wife of professional NBA player Patty Mills.

Her success isn’t tied to her partner, as she had made moves for herself before their relationship kicked off.

She is a successful woman who has worked herself to the full to be at the level she stands today surfing the real world.

Alyssa Mills Biography

Alyssa Mills

She was born August 2, 1994, in a small town called Martinez, California, in the United States of America.

Alyssa Mills is 28 years old, and her birthday comes in the last half of the year, which she and her family already mark another year older in 2022.

She had good growth, which saw her parents putting her through the part of the Christian religion, which all her family follows till today.

Name Alyssa Mills
Age 28 Years Old
Date Of Birth August 2, 1994
Spouse Patty Mills

She is a full inhabitant and citizen of the United States of America, the same place where she was born and grew up.

Alyssa Mills is from the white race, with her falling into the zodiac sign of Leo, and she is a full blond with a nice body and physical appearance.

Her father’s name is James Levesque, and he is a businessman and a cheerful giver to his community, where he is well respected.

Her mother’s name is Juliana D’Olivo Levesque; she is a homemaker who did a lot as a mother to ensure all her children had the best life.

She shares a good relationship with her mother, who, since her childhood, she has always seen as the greatest motivation in everything.

She also has siblings whose relationship is excellent, and despite them growing up apart, they still find a way to come together.

Her siblings are Alex Levesque and Zakary Bradshaw Levesque, and they are both younger brothers to Alyssa, the eldest of her family.

Alyssa Mills enjoyed a fantastic childhood which made her grow up the best, filled with many positives.

Patty Mills Wife

Patty Mills Wife

Alyssa Mills is the wife of Australian basketball player Patty Mills who plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA.

The duo has a solid relationship that started a very long time when they were much younger.

It hasn’t been easy, but they have survived the worst that could have separated them, which they pushed away and kept themselves more vital.

Alyssa Mills and Patty Mills have been going on since their days at Saint Mary’s College, which they both attended in California.

They continued working on knowing each other more as the years went by, just as friends in school.

Between 2014 and 2015, Alyssa Mills and Patty Mills publicly confirmed their relationship to the public in a romantic gesture.

They remained focused on building their relationship while also planning for their future which was clear that they wanted to be with each other.

Alyssa Mills and Patty Mills got engaged on May 12, 2018, which happened when the couple was on vacation, and the NBA player decided to make a move.

Their wedding took place In July 2019, one year after their engagement giving them enough time to plan.

The wedding was traditional in which both sides of the family were all looking their best as the event took place at the Waimea Valley.

It was an African-oriented wedding ceremony which was a beautiful scene that a lot of people came to witness on that day.

Since their wedding, Alyssa Mills and Patty Mills have continued to share many memories and made sure everything was always in place to keep it all working.

Alyssa Education

Alyssa Education

Alyssa Mills’s educational background started with her attending Carondelet High School.

She continued pushing her education at Saint Mary’s College, the same University Patty Mills attended.

Her education wasn’t just about facing her studies, as she did dabble in Basketball during her college days.

She had an incredible school swimming career, which only continued for a short time.

Her basketball journey was more severe as she landed eligibility requirements for the WNBA 2021 draft, which was last year.

Alyssa Mills graduated from the University where he studied business before also claiming another degree in finance.

Alyssa Career

Alyssa Career

Alyssa Mills has a well-structured career that works so well for her today in the real world.

She started with Basketball and swimming during her days in school before moving to business.

During her college days, she made a name for herself as one of the best students when it came to sports.

Her journey as a female basketball player was more active than swimming, which lasted only a short time.

She made it to the 2021 draft for the WNBA, but nothing was further after that part came to reality.

She is only focusing on being a businesswoman doing well for herself and making a lot of money.

She owns a suit clothing line named StraitSwim, located in Australia.

Alyssa Mills is gaining a lot of success in her career today, and her business is also going well.

Alyssa Mills Net Worth

Alyssa Mills Net Worth

Alyssa Mills’s net worth is $200,000, coming from her business and ventures.

Her business is going well, and she hopes to expand more in everything, including investing in other things.

Aside from her wealth, her husband, Patty Mills, is wealthier, with a net workth of $8,000,000 million.

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He earns an annual wage of $6,037,250 million playing for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA.

He signed a new two-year contract in 2021 with Brooklyn Nets worth $12,000,000 million.

Alyssa and Patty own a couple of properties in the United States of America and also in Hawaii.

They also have a comfortable life even without having any children today.

Alyssa Mills and Patty Mills are both generating a lot of money which they hope to put into more ventures to ensure the wealth remains.

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