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Charlie Woods

Charlie Woods is an American amateur golf player and the son of Tiger Woods.

He is already an extraordinary player who still has a protracted way to go in evolving into a professional.

He is also making a name for himself already, as many eyes are on him with many expectations.

Charlie Woods Biography

Charlie Woods

He was born February 8, 2009, in the U.S. Charlie Woods is 13 years from now.

He will be 14 in 2023. His birthday is also expected to occur just like it happens every year.

His full names are Charlie Axel Woods. His parents are both famous figures in the world of golf.

He shares a lot of ethnicity and heritage, just like his father, who is of different races, including parts of Africa and Asia.

His father’s name is Tiger Woods. He is a legendary golf player in the hall of fame.

His mother’s name is Elin Nordegren. She is a Sweden model, businesswoman, and entrepreneur.

His family isn’t a complete one for now, as his parents are both divorced. Their separation happened in 2010 when Charlie was one year old.

Despite how rough things were with his family, his parents still did everything to ensure his growing up was perfect.

Charlie Woods isn’t the only child of her parents. He has an older sister named Sam Alexis Woods.

The two Woods siblings grew up together with both parents, who were separated in 2010.

Charlie and her sister had to move in and out occasionally with both parents in their respective lives.

He is also trying to become a golf player like his father. His dad is also the one helping him through all possible routes toward his career.

He still goes to school today and combines his golf career, which is his priority.

His parents did not reveal much about his education, as they are doing everything possible to reduce the pressure on him.

The media have been talking a lot. The cameras are all over the young golf player with questions of how far he will go.

Tiger Woods Son

Tiger Woods Son

Charlie Woods is the son of Tiger Woods, a businessman, professional golf player, and hall of fame.

He has a prominent figure in his life as a father helping him navigate through becoming a golf player.

The closeness between him and his father is beyond, despite how their family looks apart.

Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods are both more of each other as they inherit the same love for golf at an early age.

He is already making moves and showing signs of great potential despite being so young at the amateur level.

His father is always there to help him learn more and is also part of his coaching over the years.

He and his father have also attended tours together, another learning process and experience for Charlie’s career.

There is also a lot of attention that the teenage golf player is getting due to his father’s legacy.

The expectations of Charlie Woods are very high, knowing his father was already a professional when he was just 20 years old.

He is also doing all the work, which already saw him dominating the amateur level by winning Championship gold on two occasions.

He is learning a lot from his father, who is helping him prepare for the future, as a lot of pressure will be on him to succeed in his career.

Charlie Career

Charlie Career

Charlie Woods is an amateur golf player. He is still in the junior category and learning much about the game.

There are a lot of prospects, just like his father, who started at the same age during his career.

He participated in a kid golf tournament in Floria in 2022, held at the Hammock Creek golf club.

During the tournament, Charlie made headlines by shooting 3-Under 33 across nine holes. He also finished without any record of bogeys and had three birdies.

His father, Tiger Woods, is full of many remarks for his son, claiming he is just getting into the game entirely.

He also said his son is just starting to understand the game, with him always asking questions.

Woods also admires his son’s ability to make moves that he wishes he could do, according to his interview.

Charlie Woods has been growing fast since he started gaining interest in golf at the age of 4 years old.

His first tournament was in 2016. He played at the United States kid golf competition in Florida, where he finished second place.

He is doing well for a young child who has already won two tournaments since he started playing amateur golf.

Charlie Woods’s Net Worth

Charlie Woods Net Worth

Charlie Woods’s Net Worth is $100,000. He is still an amateur player who has only won two kids’ golf titles.

He is still a teenager working hard on his career as a golfer, just like his father, Tiger Woods.

He has a long way to go in putting himself at the level where he can professionally compete at the highest level.

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For now, he does not earn much as he still participates in kids’ competitions, and most of the money paid is for his education.

He is only worth a little for the money value in his career, but there is a lot of potentials.

His father has a net worth of $1.1 Billion. He is into golf and has spread his hands into business.

He is into clothing lines and other acquisitions, which makes him the richest golfer.

He has a lot of deals with reputable sports brands. Some have been signed since the early days of his career.

Charlie Woods has a lot of expectations that have been put in place by his father, Tiger Woods.

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