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Londa Butler

Londa Butler is a nanny and the mother of the NBA player for the Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler.

She is one individual who many might don’t know so much concerning her identity.

Her name is all over the media due to the tremendous success of her son, who is regarded as a top name in the NBA.

Londa Butler Biography

Londa Butler

She was born on March 10, 1958, in Tomball, Texas, USA. Londa Butler is currently 64 years old.

She brought up her children on her alone. The life she had wasn’t pleasant at any point.

She enjoys keeping a lot of profiles away from the public.

NameLonda Butler
Age64 Years Old
Date Of BirthMarch 10, 1958
ChildrenJames Butler,
Delphina Butler

She was abandoned by her husband when their children were relatively little and still needed a lot of care.

An estimate puts Londa Butler’s height at around 5 feet, 6 inches. She frequently wears cornrows in her hair.

She identifies as a Christian. She was bred and raised in America as a full inhabitant.

She also shares her African-American heritage with her husband, who left her.

Londa Career

Londa Career

Londa Butler, the birth mother of NBA player Jimmy Butler, is a professional nanny.

Londa is a graduate of Lone Star College-Tomball, according to her Facebook profile.

She also held the receptionist position when she was vastly youthful and enthusiastic.

In addition, she works as a diet aide at Creekside Park’s Broadmoor at an early age.

She decided on babysitting, knowing she wasn’t that strong and active to go on day-to-day work.

She comes highly recommended in her joy as a nanny and mostly takes care of little children.

Londa Butler is still doing well today and working a little to keep herself occupied.

Jimmy Butler Mom

Jimmy Butler Mom

Londa Butler is the mother of basketball player Jimmy Butler. He plays with an NBA side.

They have a robust mother-and-son relationship, which is more often seen in them.

Jimmy Butler, an NBA player, has an authentic “rags-to-riches” backstory. His family had a difficult time of it when he was little.

Unfortunately, Jimmy never had a connection with his father. When he was an infant, his biological dad left him.

The fact that he and his family had to struggle financially added to the stress of their lives.

Londa, Jimmy’s mother, was not a nurturing figure either. She struggled to make things happen.

Jimmy’s mother threw him out of the house when he was 13. In an interview from 2011.

Jimmy Butler discussed his mother’s harsh treatment of him, recalling her last words to him.

Butler claims his mother told him she did not like his look, so he had to leave the house.

Jimmy left their house in Tomball, Texas, a suburb of Houston, because of his mother’s abuse.

After that, he lived at one friend’s place for a periodic week before hauling in with another.

When Jimmy met Jordan Leslie and they both became friends which transformed everything.

Tomball High School freshman and dual-sport athlete Jordan Leslie challenged Jimmy to a three-point shooting contest.

Jimmy and Jordan clicked at once as they hit it off immediately, and Jimmy was staying at Jordan’s place.

Jordan’s mom and dad were hesitant to take Jimmy in since they were already trying to care for Jordan and their six other kids.

After a few months of Jordan’s persistent pleading, they accepted Jimmy into their family.

Michelle Lambert, Jordan Leslie’s mother, performed a role that Jimmy Butler’s mother could never have.

Michelle Lambert has always encouraged Jimmy to pursue his aspirations, unlike his biological mother, Londa Butler.

She raised Jimmy as her own and was a constant motivator for him to study hard and play basketball at the highest level he could manage.

Even after Jimmy graduated high school, Michelle was still a regular fixture in his life growing up.

Michelle was there to give Jimmy confidence before he left to play college basketball at Marquette.

To Jimmy, this was his first overnight visit anywhere but his home state of Texas.

His intense homesickness prompted him to abandon his studies at Marquette and return to Texas.

Michelle, however, pointed out to Jimmy the great once-in-a-lifetime chance he was passing up.

She urged him to finish his time at Marquette and discouraged him from giving up on his goals too soon.

Michelle’s counsel revolutionized Jimmy’s life, leading to his outstanding collegiate basketball career.

Because of his tremendous play, Jimmy Butler was declared openly for the NBA draft momentarily after his junior year.

The Chicago Bulls selected him as the final choice of the first round of the 2011 NBA draft.

He went on to play professional basketball at the highest level in the NBA, which made way for him.

Jimmy Butler’s Net Worth

Jimmy Butler Net Worth

Jimmy Butler’s net worth is $70 million. All his wealth and earnings are from his NBA career.

According to various sources, Londa Butler is worth between $100,000 and $500,000.

A private sitter, her primary occupation and source of income come from the job she gets.

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Despite Londa’s extraordinary wealth, her son Jimmy Butler is much more prosperous.

Jimmy Butler, a player with the Miami Heat, is incredibly valued at almost $25 million.

Even though Jimmy Butler had a strict upbringing financially, he earned a staggering $140 million in NBA salaries during his early career.

This superstar athlete committed to a four-year deal which is one of the biggest of his career.

Brand deals and endorsements also contribute significantly to his wealth.

Jimmy can afford a luxury lifestyle that most people can only imagine.

He has also invested in other fields, such as real estate.

Jimmy made a cool $4.2 million off the sale of his River North, Chicago, house in 2017.

Jimmy Butler spent $1 million for two condos in a brand-new River North development in 2018.

Sometime later, he made $1.2 million by selling one of those units.

The NBA player put up his possessions in Pennsylvania for sale in 2019. The stunning Amber home was up for sale for $6.8 million.

In his Amber home, Jimmy Butler has 14,000 square feet spread out across six bedrooms and a spacious yard that spans 7.8 acres.

Jimmy Butler wealth still gets to meet his mother, Londa Butler who they still have a relationship.

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