Chasey Calaway Bio: The Undertaker’s Daughter

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Casey Calaway

Chasey Calaway is a student, cheerleader, entrepreneur, and The Undertaker’s daughter.

Even though she tries to keep a low profile, she is constantly reminded that she is the daughter of a famous person.

Both of Chasey’s parents have achieved considerable success in their fields, making her a celebrity in her own right.

Chasey Calaway Biography

Casey Calaway

She was born on November 21, 2002, in Texas. Chasey Calaway is in her 20 years today.

Her birthday will come up late in the year 2023, which will make her a 21-year-old lady with a lot to make about herself.

She came to life in a famous family; both parents are well-known individuals in America.

NameChasey Calaway
Age17 Years Old
Date Of BirthMay 15, 2005
FatherThe Undertaker's
MotherSara Calaway

Her father’s name is the Undertaker. He is an outstanding figure who recently retired from active wrestling.

Her mother’s name is Sara Calaway. She is one of her husband’s former wives, and they are no longer together.

She came to life to her U.S. parents, so she has American citizenship and is white.

Her older brother’s name is Gunner Calaway. He was born to Calaway and Jodi in 1993.

He is the only child of her parent’s marriage, which crashed when he was six, and his mother took care of him.

While he glimpses a lot like his father, this young fellow is dissimilar. He started wanting to be a wrestler, but he changed his mind and now pursued his true passion.

According to available information, Gunner earned a degree from Full Sail University.

His career is working as a game designer or illustrator. Vincent is a well-known figure on Twitch, in addition to others.

He uses his Twitch channel to provide gameplay videos. He is an artist who posts his work on Instagram and sells it on the website ‘Redbubble.

Chasey was born in the space of eight years after Vincent. Chasey’s sister, Gracie Calaway, shares the same parents as her sibling.

There are few details about her beyond the fact that she was born on May 15, 2005. Gracie is the second daughter of Sara Frank’s ex-husband.

The Undertaker’s daughter, Kaia Faith, was born in August 2012 to his third wife.

Kaia moved in two years after her parents married, and at first glance, she wants to carry on the family tradition. Kolt, a son, is the second child of Calaway and McCool.

Chasey Career

Chasey Career

Chasey Calaway’s career is all about her education, and she is also a cheerleader for her school.

At least some online resources indicate that she is currently pursuing her education.

The 20-year-old Chasey is rumored to be a cheerleader. There necessities to be more news to back up everything declared.

Although it has been said that she is a tomboy on social media, she does not appear to have any interest in wrestling with this.

Chasey appreciates music a lot. No other professions linked to her are known to the public.

She is similar to her youthful sister Gracie who prefers to keep to herself. They keep a lot about themselves away from the media.

Undertaker Daughter

Undertaker Daughter

Chasey Calaway is the daughter of The Undertaker, who is a retired wrestler who made a name for himself in the WWE.

She is one of her father’s most loved children, with whom they share a lot in common and are very close.

Her mother was mostly part of her life because they didn’t have a family together for long.

Chasey’s Mother, Sara Calaway, had an amazing time during her earlier relationship days with the Undertaker.

Sara, then 22 years old, first encountered Mark Williams Calaway, better known as The Undertaker.

They first crossed paths at the Mark Session in 1999 at a wrestling event in San Diego. They had a love of boxing, football, and among other things.

Despite his first assumption that Chasey’s mother’s interests were more geared toward men, Chasey’s dad eventually became quite interested in them.

On Sara’s 23rd birthday, July 21, 2000, the mates walked down the aisle of marriage after dating for a year.

He was so obsessed with his new bride that he had a tattoo of her name on his throat.

The Undertaker and Sara separated after their wedding for seven years and gave birth to two children together.

People thought the wrestler was fooling Sara, but there was no bureaucrat justification.

According to the accusations, Sara Frank’s ex-husband had an affair with Michelle McCool.

Chasey Calaway’s Net Worth

Chasey Calaway Net Worth

Chasey Calaway’s net worth is $10k. She earns money from her little jobs and her father’s wealth.

Mark Calaway, Chasey’s dad, is very rich thanks to his years spent wrestling professionally.

With his time on TV and in the ring, he has amassed an estimated $17 million in wealth.

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His verified social media presence is an additional revenue source outside of wrestling.

Similarly, Chasey’s mom, Sara Calaway, is rumored to be worth over $200,000. With the help of her wrestling career, she accumulated such a worth.

She is enjoying many privileges provided by both of her parents, who are working so hard in their careers.

She might also have something going on for herself, but nothing is public for now, like most other life details.

Chasey Calaway is still financially supported by her father, the Undertaker for the WWE.

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