Top 10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums

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Top 10 Biggest Cricket StadiumsĀ 

The top 10 biggest cricket stadiums are one of the largest in any sport due to the distance needed for the game.

Not all stadiums can be used for cricket as there needs to be more prominent with enough space and distance.

India remains the home of cricket and the place where an enormous Stadium in the World.

Top 10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums

Top 10 Biggest Cricket StadiumsĀ 

India is showing and proving to be the powerhouse when it comes to the sport of cricket, which many of them engaged themselves in playing.

One of the top 10 biggest cricket stadiums is in India, and so many top names have made their mark.

India has five of the biggest stadiums in cricket, which is expected based on how big the sport has grown in their country.

10: Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Cricket Ground

The Sydney Cricket Ground is the 10th biggest cricket stadium, beating the required minimum to host games.

It is also one of the known Stadiums in which many events have taken place, including International competitions.

The Stadium can contain 48,000 visitors and fans who come together to enjoy watching a cricket match.

The owners put Stadium to use in 1988. The Stadium is also used to play rugby, another sport requiring a lot of strength.

9: Docklands Stadium

Docklands Stadium

The Docklands Stadium is similarly referred to as the Marvel Stadium due to its appearance.

It is among the top 10 biggest cricket stadiums, but it occupies the number 9th position.

The Stadium can occupy several 48,003 fans. Fans can move the seats of the Stadium into another position.

It opened in 2000 after a lot of money went into the building, which is $460 million.

8: MA Chidambaram Stadium

MA Chidambaram Stadium

The MA Chidambaram is one of the oldest stadiums where cricket usually occurs.

The MA Chidambaram Stadium is in India, where it was during the early days of cricket was a thing in the country.

The Stadium holds a capacity of 50,000 built and can also accommodate different numbers around the area.

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It also hosts several significant cricket events, including the T20I matches, which are always the biggest.

The Stadium is also in for other sporting events, which include football, with the building budget costing ā‚¹390 crore.

7: Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval is the number 7th among the biggest cricket stadiums as of today, 2023.

The Stadium is for multi-purpose sports and has been hosting many significant events.

Several sports are taking place at the Adelaide Oval, including football and tennis.

The Stadium also hosts music concerts in which some big names have performed and sold their shows.

It can contain 53,583 people coming to watch games or music concerts in the Stadium.

6: Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium

Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium

Making number six of the top 10 biggest cricket stadiums is the Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium.

The Stadium has about 63 acres of area, a massive space spread to facilitate 55,000 capacity.

The IPL primarily takes place in this Stadium, which hosts many games that cricketers love coming to.

The Stadium also hosted the 2017 and 2018 IPL finals, which had a lot of spectators.

5: Perth Stadium

Perth Stadium

The Perth Stadium is located in Australia, as the name implies. It is among the 10 biggest cricket stadiums.

The Stadium is the home of numerous teams and the Australian national team.

It is a property of the Australian state government, which makes it a national treasure.

The Stadium has a capacity of 60,000 which is massive and can also accommodate several people on the pitch.

Its value is $1.6 billion, which is the amount to ensure the facility exists.

4: Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

This Stadium belongs to more than one team who called it their home ground, including the national team.

It was commissioned in 2008 after its building got completed by workers who took a long time to finish it.

It has a capacity of 65,000, which is massive enough to host any events or matches.

It is one of the most expensive and top 10 biggest cricket stadiums, which is no doubt also made of top-class equipment.

A lot of money ensured the project got completed and hosted its first cricket game in 2010.

3: Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens is one Stadium that has shown how much India is doing to ensure they are the powerhouse of cricket.

It is one of the oldest stadiums, which has existed for a long time and has remained top quality.

It was built in 1864 and has continuously gotten some little upgrades in recent times, making it remain intact.

The Stadium can contain 66,000 capacity. It is one of the biggest cricket stadiums in the World today.

2: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket ground is the biggest cricket stadium located in Australia.

The Stadium has a lot of history regarding sporting events in Australia, which are vast sports lovers.

The facility got built in 1853 and held significant value to many people around its location.

For the last 150 years, the Stadium has hosted several local and international cricket tournaments.

It hosted the Commonwealth games in 2006 and also the Olympics, which took place in 1956.

The Stadium is built with a capital of 1 00,024 capacity and space to accommodate fans as much as possible.

1: Narendra Modi Stadium

Narendra Modi Stadium

The Narendra Modi Stadium is the number one of the biggest cricket stadiums today.

It is one of the top-class stadia you can’t see everywhere as it has a protective shield against rain.

It beat every other Stadium on the list due to its capacity of 132,000 and can occupy a load of people.

It has staged some biggest showpieces in sports and cricket, and many fans love to enjoy their games in the Stadium.

Narendra Modi Stadium remains the top biggest cricket stadium globally as of 2023.

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