Babar Azam Wife: Is He Married?

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Babar Azam

Babar Azam is a professional Pakistan cricket player who competes for his country.

Many fans are still asking who Babar Azam’s wife is and whether he is married.

So many still find his success fascinating that he has single-handedly made something for himself.

Babar Azam Biography

Babar Azam

He was born in 1994, in Pakistan. Babar Azam is 28 years old now.

He will be 29 years old in October 2023, his next birthday.

He grew up in Lahore, Pakistan, with his parents and several family members.

His father’s name is Azam Siddique. He is a sportsman who had a lot of involvement in his son’s life.

His mother’s name is not public at this point in time, but she was involved in her son’s life.

Babar Azam comes from a big family with several siblings, and they all did their growing up together.

His siblings consist of two brothers and one sister, who are also successful professionals.

His brothers’ names are Safir and Faisal Azam, while his sister is Faria Azam.

He is related to the Akmal family, a well-known person in Pakistan, where they all have their home.

Babar Azam Wife

Babar Azam Wife

Babar Azam’s soon-to-be wife’s name is Hamiza Mukhtar. There has been a lot said concerning their relationship.

Hamiza is from Pakistan, where she was born, and has also spent all her life there.

Her date of birth is unknown for now, but she could be the same age as her partner.

There is so much that needs to be clarified between Babar and Hamiza Mukhtar. There are assertions that the couple is related.

Some sources confirmed the duo is cousins who share the same family background.

There is nothing concrete concerning such claims for now; we also have no understanding of the issue.

The information on how things started between them is unknown as they keep their relationship private.

A lot is happening between them and they don’t share it with the public.

They have also gone a long way with each other, with so many memories shared between them.

They also have so many plans for the future, including them making things official.

Is He Married?

Is He Married

Babar Azam is engaged to Hamiza Mukhtar. They are both cousins with the same family background.

Is Babar married? The answer remains no, but he is engaged to his beautiful fiance, and they are doing well.

Their kind of relationship is rare, and something needs to be fully specified concerning the part which claims they are cousins.

For so many people still have doubts and trying to confirm how true they are related to each other.

The couple is going well, and Babar is happy with his personal life and relationship.

They are yet to give birth to any offspring as they still need more time to be together.

There is also a lot that their tradition demands and it has also limited them from doing certain kinds of things for now.

The couple does have their time together, but they try as much as possible to make it private between themselves.

Babar and Hamiza Mukhtar decided to get engaged to each other in June 2021.

Since their engagement, they haven’t made anything else that could see them make everything official.

There are some claims that they already did get married sometime in 2022, but nothing is confirmed.

Babar Azam’s Net Worth

Babar Azam Net Worth

His net worth is $3 million. Babar makes his wealth playing professional cricket for Pakistan.

He is one of the top players making so much happen for his country and the other team he represents.

Additionally, he serves as captain of the Pakistani side in cricket at the International level.

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He is recognized as one of the most prolific modern society cricket batsmen.

He is the exclusive batsman in the world to rank among the top three in every format.

Babar has also played cricket for Pakistan’s under-15, under-19, and under-23 teams.

In May 2015, he appeared for the Pakistan Cricket crew.

He has achieved throughout his profession which is top-class on all levels.

He is a top earner based on his contribution to the teams he has had the opportunity to represent.

Babar Azam is famous as one of the wealthiest Pakistan cricket players.

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