Lynn Kendall Bio: Isiah Thomas Wife

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Lynn Kendall

Lynn Kendall is a businesswoman, an entrepreneur who works in the fashion industry, and Isiah Thomas’s Wife.

She is a regular American who has been made famous due to the marriage relationship she shared with her husband.

So many have felt her involvement in the life of her famous sportsman husband.

Lynn Kendall Biography

Lynn Kendall

There is no confirmed information on Lynn’s birth date or place of birth as of this moment.

However, the information suggests that she was born in the 1960s in the United States.

Her father’s name is Gordon Lee Kendall. He is a secret service agent who had a lot of involvement in his career.

NameLynn Kendall
Date Of BirthThe late 1950s or early 1960s (The exact date is not available)
HusbandIsiah Thomas Wife
Children2 [Lauren Thomas (daughter) and Joshua Thomas (son)]

Her mother’s name is Juanita Kendall. She is a professional nurse who has achieved a lot in her services.

It would seem that Lynn is the sole child of her parents. In December 1992, she lost her father.

The exact date of Lynn’s birth is presently unknown. Consequently, we need to find out how old she is.

Her height and weight give her away as being 5 feet 7 inches (1.73 m) and 145 lb (66 kg), respectively.

Lynn Kendall has a unique physique and is rather tall for her size. She lives a balanced life and works out often.

Lynn Career

Lynn Career

Lynn Kendall has not disclosed her salary, earnings, or other financial information. Therefore, her wealth remains a mystery.

She helps her husband and children run the family business but has little interest in doing business independently.

Lynn’s life must be comfortable and stress-free because of her husband’s success.

She is referred to as a housewife but is involved in a lot that has yet to be made public.

She is an active woman who has done much without needing the media to get involved in her personal life.

There is so much she has grown to achieve in her career that has gone into her relationship with her husband.

Meanwhile, her husband’s career was an exceptional story that started at a tender age.

Isiah Thomas has set out to achieve something most people struggle to make in their careers.

He dominated the NBA during his active career as a player who had him playing for the best teams.

He was pivotal to the growth of the NBA during his time which saw him contributing so much.

He had the best career of his life under Detroit Piston, who had a long success story.

Isiah Thomas Wife

Isiah Thomas Wife

Lynn Kendall is Isiah Thomas’s wife, a former sportsman who once had a career in Basketball.

Mrs. Thomas first met Isiah at IU, where she was a student. The two began going out immediately and officially engaged in the summer of 1984.

The marriage between Lynn Kendall and Isiah Thomas is quite happy and healthy. In 1985, they tied the knot while still undergraduates at IU.

But specifics about the venue and timing of the wedding are scant. Thomas had just begun his professional life.

Kendall is a proud mom to two adorable little girls.

Lynn and Thomas had their first offspring, Joshua. In 1991, they had their second offspring, Lauren.

Joshua is a gifted DJ who released his first single, “REGRET,” in 2014. He hosts a TV show, produces music, and often gives speeches against sexual assault.

Joshua is also the first male spokesman, backer, and champion for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

As opposed to that, Lauren has a degree from Indiana University. She works as a brand consultant for the Champagne House of Cheurlin.

Lynn is a mother of only two kids. However, her husband fathered a son named Marc Dones with a woman from Bloomfield Hills named Jenni Dones.

In 1985, Lynn and Thomas’s first child, Marc, was born.

In addition to his role as a professor at New York’s School of Visual Arts, he also serves as executive director of the National Innovation Service.

The encounter had no adverse effects on their relationship, and their marriage endured for almost 35 years.

And since both of their kids are helping out in the family business, they’ve been role models for numerous generations of youngsters.

Kendall has also been by Isiah’s side through the good and bad times.

Lynn Kendall’s Net Worth

Lynn Kendall Net Worth

Her net worth is $1 million. Most of her worth comes from her husband’s multimillion.

She helps her husband and children run the family business but has little interest in doing business independently.

Lynn’s life must be comfortable and stress-free because of her husband’s success.

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However, by 2023, it is expected that her husband, Thomas net worth of more than $100 million.

At the outset of his career in 1981, he signed a three-year, $1.6 million deal with the Pistons.

In 1988, Thomas was the team’s leader as the Pistons advanced to their first NBA championship game.

After the Pistons’ championship victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, he went down in NBA annals as a legend.

As a minority owner of the Detroit Pistons, Isiah profited more than $55 million that year.

He also brings in a respectable salary as a sports analyst for multiple channels.

Thomas has also served as an executive and head coach with the Pacers and Knicks, respectively, which has added to his wealth.

He has held top positions, which is more of the reason why his net worth continuously increases.

He has also signed a couple of deals in which he act as an ambassador with a lot of money attached.

Lynn Kendall is doing more of the family business, while Isiah Thomas is a big name in the NBA.

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