Milan Tyson Bio: Mike Tyson’s Daughter

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Milan Tyson

Milan Tyson is a teen celebrity, social media sensation, and the girl who is Mike Tyson’s daughter.

The American teen, who is only 14, is making waves in the tennis world and is widely tipped to turn pro shortly.

Milan is successful in several spheres, including business and tennis.

She’s the brains behind the Milan Miyla Activewear label, which makes trendy T-shirts, sets, and tie-dyes.

The young woman’s Instagram following has been growing at an astounding rate.

Milan Tyson Biography

Milan Tyson

She was born December 25, 2008, in the United States. Milan Tyson is a teenager of, 14 years.

She clocks 15 in December 2023. Her family always throws a huge birthday celebration whenever she adds a year.

Her parents are massive figures in the United States, and they have made names since their young age.

NameMilan Tyson
Age14 Years Old
Date Of BirthDecember 2008
FatherMike Tyson
MotherLakiha Spicer

Milan was born in Henderson, Nevada, making her a citizen of the United States, although she identifies as African American.

At age 14, Milan should be enrolled in or beginning her high school studies.

Milan Tyson’s biological brother is named Morocco Tyson, although she has many additional siblings.

On January 25, 2011, in Henderson, Nevada, Iron Mike and his third wife, Spicer, welcomed their son, Morroco.

Mikey Lorna Tyson is the oldest of her half-siblings, born to Mikey and Kimberly.

Miguel and Exodus Tyson, Milan’s fourth and fifth half-brothers, were born due to Mike Tyson’s connection with Sol Xochitl.

Unfortunately, Exodus passed away at the young age of four due to a tragic household accident.

Her mother’s name is Lakiha Spicer. She was born in Pennsylvania to Shamsud-Din Ali and his wife, Faridah Ali, making her the youngest of their children.

His wife, Faridah, is the Assistant Director of Education at Sister Clara Muhammad School in Philadelphia, but we need to find out what Shamsud-din Ali does for a living.

Milan Career

Milan Career

Even though she’s still a teenager, American celebrity kid Milan Tyson has already established herself in several different fields.

She is an entrepreneur, tennis prodigy wannabe, and rising social media star.

It got said that Milan Tyson, inspired by tennis greats like Serena Williams, began playing at a young age.

Since Serena Williams began her tennis career, their father, Iron Mike, has been a rock of support.

Mike hired Patrick Mouratoglou, who got recognized as Serena and Venus Williams’ coach by Tennis World USA.

It has just come to light that tennis star Serena Williams and heavyweight champion Milan Tyson are close.

Heavyweight boxing champion once served as Serena’s trainer, and their strong relationship got passed on to the champion’s daughter Milan.

Many have seen the connection beneficial to Williams’s pursuit of tennis greatness, as having someone of Serena’s level on your side is rare.

Iron Mike, for his part, has been frequently spotted in public discussing his daughter’s promising tennis career.

According to the ex-boxer, he has told his daughter that she needs to model her game after Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic if she wants to make it as a professional tennis player.

Iron Mike told Milan she shouldn’t complain since she loves doing it, even if she doesn’t.

The tennis career of Iron Mike’s daughter is receiving Iron Mike’s undivided attention.

In an interview in 2022, the boxing legend claimed that Milan Tyson is now training to enter the professional ranks in 2023.

The retired heavyweight boxer traveled to Iowa to see Milan compete in a USTA competition in February of 2023.

It would not be surprising if Milan competes in major tournaments like the US Open with the kind of unwavering support she is getting from her father.

The youngster may become the next Serena Williams and win Wimbledon.

Mike Tyson’s Daughter

Mike Tyson Daughter

Milan Tyson had already turned one when her parents married in 2009.

Spicer, Iron Mike’s third wife, and he first met when she was 18 years old.

As the New York Post reported, Spicer reportedly accompanied her father, heavyweight boxing champion Shamsud-din Ali, to one of his contests when she was a teenager.

Don King, the fight’s promoter, introduced Tyson and Spicer, and King urged the boxer not to get emotionally involved with the girl because she is “the kind of person that cannot get messed with.”

Not only that, but the fighter was 11 years older than Spicer, but that didn’t appear to bother him either.

Lakiha is an American citizen with an Afro-American heritage and, according to rumors, a White American ancestry traced back to her mother’s family.

After marrying Mike Tyson, she decided to become a Muslim. Lakiha grew up with his brother, Azeem.

Lakiha is an entrepreneur specializing in the fashion industry, as shown by a resume review.

The mother of two reportedly owns and operates a successful shop.

The Undisputed Truth’s script got co-written by Milan Tyson’s mother, a writer.

Despite her best efforts, Lakiha is best known for her marriage to Iron Mike rather than any of her other professional pursuits.

Spicer and Iron Mike began dating against Don King’s cautions when she was only 23.

At the time, the heavyweight fighter was still married to Monica Turner, making their relationship an extramarital affair.

However, their relationship was labeled as “on and off” by The New York Post.

The mother of Milan Tyson has claimed that she could never get over the boxer Iron Mike and that despite their many fights, she always fell in love with him again.

After Iron Mike divorced his second wife, Turner, the two began dating seriously.

But they both had significant run-ins with the law that landed them behind bars.

They got freed simultaneously but couldn’t move in together right once, so they split up in Las Vegas.

They finally married on June 6, 2009, and the ceremony occurred at the La Bella Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Iron Mike’s daughter Exodus died in a horrible house accident two weeks before the wedding.

It’s no secret that Mike Tyson’s second child, Milan, is also a professional boxer.

Many have hypothesized that his choice to convert to Islam got influenced by his third wife, Lakiha Spicer, who was raised a Muslim.

Later, though, it became public knowledge that Spicer, too, had converted from Islam to Christianity after marrying Mike.

The legendary heavyweight boxer started his career in 1985 and quickly became one of the sport’s all-time greats.

Iron Mike has been the heavyweight boxing champion since 1989, two years after his professional debut in 1987.

His rule lasted for another three years, until 1990.

Lakiha Spicer, Mike Tyson’s third wife, and he are devoted to their daughter Milan.

Both parents have been captured on camera numerous times with their daughter, and they make no secret of their pride in her professional and athletic accomplishments.

The girl and her brother Morocco got seen in a video responding to their father’s questions.

Iron Mike and his girlfriend Milan made a surprise appearance at Iron Mike’s charity event he sponsored in Newport Beach, California, on December 15, 2022, shocking both his admirers and the wider public.

As it was unusual for the former boxer to bring his children to public engagements, the audience at Mike Tyson Cares & We Too Matter Foundation was astonished to see the budding tennis player with his dad.

Milan Tyson has demonstrated her keen commercial understanding even at a young age.

The adolescent shredder launched her activewear line, Milan Miyla Activewear, in 2021.

The fashion house is involved in everything from fabric procurement to design to final styling for each collection.

T-shirts, Sets, Tye Dye, and other apparel are among the brand’s final goods.

She is also a viral sensation on the internet.

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Milan Tyson has turned her Instagram account into a viable career platform by engaging with fans and the broader public.

@milantyson, Milan’s verified account, has over 29,000 followers as our last count.

“TENNIS IS LIFE” is the tagline on the wannabe tennis player’s profile on the site.

Mike Tyson’s Net Worth

Milan Tyson Net Worth

Milan Tyson’s net worth is currently $100k. She is still studying for now and has no job.

Sites like Celebrity Net Worth estimate Mike Tyson’s wealth at $10 million in 2022.

Her father was once an active sportsman who made a name as a boxer before retirement.

Milan didn’t get to watch her father as she wasn’t born when he was still fighting.

Milan Tyson and Mike Tyson have a good bond, like all children of the boxer’s family.

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