What Do People Mostly Love About Women’s World Cup

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What Do People Mostly Love About Women's World Cup

Over the years, the Women’s World Cup has brought so much joy to several fans who have seen themselves get drawn to watching.

It wasn’t a big deal for many nations partaking in the tournament today. Some Countries once forbade their Women to participate in playing Football.

So many countries have encouraged their Women to embrace the game of Football as one that could empower them.

The Women’s World Cup is one watched by many fans, and the recent tournament, which took place in New Zealand and Australia in 2023, was the biggest of all.

The tournament generated a total of $570 Million, according to FIFA, who made the confirmation after its conclusion, registering more Countries taking part.



The fun from the Women’s World Cup has been a major reason why it generates so many viewers and love for the game.

There are always so many entertaining results and mouth-watering goals that have come in many tournaments since its inauguration in 1991.

The fun of the tournament is never-ending, which sees the top-ranked teams creating magical moments by scoring many goals.

The New Zealand and Australia tournament was the biggest of them all. It was more entertaining to watch for the 30,000-plus fans per game.

Close to 2 Million fans came to watch the Women’s World Cup 2023, the highest-ever record since 1991, when the tournament kicked off in China.



The growth of Women’s Football has been well for the past few years, which have seen more fans and wealth generated from mostly the World Cup.

Some other aspects still need growth regarding the Women’s World Cup, as the competition is beginning to attract more fanbase.

For instance, the New Zealand and Australia Tournament 2023 pay was the highest for all participating teams.

The Women’s World Cup in 2023 ended with a total amount of 1.12 Billion views compared the the Men’s tournament in Qatar, which had 5 Billion views.

The growth has been quick, with the first-ever tournament in China in 1991.

Excitement Of Competition

Excitement Of Competition

The Women’s World Cup is one exciting tournament that so many people love to watch due to the competition.

During the early days of the tournament, the competition has always been amongst teams like the United States, Germany, and Sweden.

Over the years, the likes of Japan, Brazil, and France have up their game, bringing more competition to the tournament. Germany, the U.S. and Brazil are the top contenders to win the 2023 Women’s World Cup, according to ExpressVPN.

African Nations haven’t done much of bringing competition in the past tournaments until 2023, which was a different situation.

The likes of Nigeria, Morocco, and South Africa delivered when it was needed most at the New Zealand/Australia tournament, which saw them all advancing into the next round.

It was a massive feat registered by Africa during the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which, unfortunately, they couldn’t push through, with Nigeria being the only side who gave it a good fight.

The competitiveness has been one thing that people love to watch at the tournament, which is expected to provide more when the next Women’s World Cup occurs.



Fans have enjoyed more of the FIFA Women’s World Cup due to its expansion in which so many teams had the opportunity to participate.

The expansion was put into consideration a long time ago after seeing the growth in Women’s Football with more Countries encouraging their Women.

The Women’s World Cup was expanded to 32 teams from its traditional 24, which was how it happened during the last tournament.

The expansion also saw an increase in the total prize money, which was $110 Million. The increase was $80 Million better than what it was formerly placed on.

The tournament saw many changes implemented, mostly for the betterment of Women’s Football, which has always been downplayed.

Global Impact On Women

Global Impact On Women

The impact the Women’s World Cup has brought to fans and the female gender is one thing loved by so many people.

Every four years, new stars always come from Women’s Football, and the recently concluded 2023 tournament was no different.

So many people have gathered interest in watching a tournament that was once played in empty stadiums due to a lack of fans willing to watch.

The gap between the Men and Women’s tournaments is already close as many fans come in to watch, making more women want to play football.

The impact has been huge, and it has seen so many women getting equal rights and support to follow their dreams of becoming football players.

People mostly love how the Women’s World Cup has helped put a lot of the female gender on the global map with more support and equal rights to the game of football.

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