Channing Crowder Wife: Aja Crowder Bio

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Aja Crowder

Aja Crowder is a former tennis player, businesswoman, reality star, media personality, and Channing Crowder’s wife.

She is a famous face and name on television in the United States with her entire family.

She also ran a career elsewhere, which involved homes aside from being a popular face on television.

Aja Crowder Biography

Aja Crowder

She was born June 10, 1986, in USA. Aja Crowder is 37 years older now in 2023.

She grew up with her parents, who had their livelihood in Miami, Florida, where she had so much exposure.

Her mother’s name is Alesia. She operates more at home, with her job being a homemaker.

Her father’s name is Bruno Aguirre. He does business and provides more for his family during his young age.

Her family enjoyed most of their time together, mostly on holidays, bringing many memories and wonderful moments.

Aja Crowder and her family all have American nationality as the country where they have spent their whole life.

Their family also have a combined heritage of African and American, which they hold strongly to themselves.

Aja did have the privilege of attending quality schools to get a proper education under her parent’s care.

She always enjoyed going to school and living like every regular kid from her hometown, where she grew up.

She attended all levels of school from childhood to the University, where she earned her right to a degree.

Aja passed through Howard University and claimed a degree before graduating.

Channing Crowder Wife

Channing Crowder Wife

Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder have a wonderful life with their children away from the public.

The duo had a blast in their early days when they were still young and making decisions concerning their life today.

They had their moment navigating through a lot as they wanted to ensure everything was in place before announcing themselves.

They were first taking their relationship private, which was when they learned more about themselves.

Aja Crowder was always a sweet woman who made it more easy for Channing Crowder, who had to make the move.

They were on different lanes and pathways at first before everything aligned for them after a couple of meetings.

Channing has said that Aja and his children are his utmost priority beyond anything else.

Crowder’s relationship with his wife seems to be the connection that has kept them intact to this day.

They are constantly noticed together in crowds and on social media doing family time together.

Crowder has also spoken about his wife in interviews, saying she is his best friend and the love of his life.

The couple met at a charity occasion in 2009, in which they kept going in a relationship and got married in 2011.

The couple has had three offspring concurrently since making their relationship legal and official.

Their offspring are Channing III, Ava Mila, and Chaz Lee Randolph, who are still at their younger age.

Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder invest heavily in ensuring their family always enjoys everything they need.

Aja Career

Aja Career

Aja Crowder has a career as a television reality star who also branched into another profession.

The highlights of her career success are mostly on the Television reality shows where she appears consistently.

She has other places where she made a career from her days in school until she got out to focus on the real world.

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Aja Crowder also runs businesses that have had huge success before meeting her partner.

She is doing well for a career woman her age, but her partner has more success, which was mostly on the pitch.

Channing Crowder played professional Football in the NFL, where he made a name and fame before retirement.

He had seven years to his playing belt as a Linebacker before leaving his active career early.

He played college football with the University of Florida, where he was a two-time consensus All-American.

The Dolphins drafted Crowder in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He also played for the Cowboys and Bengals at a point in his active career.

Crowder was a four-year Football letterman named the All-Broward County Defensive Player of the Year in 2000.

He was also a four-year letterman in basketball and was named the All-Broward County Offensive Player of the Year in 2001.

He played for the Florida Gators from 2002 to 2004, in which he helped the team win the 2003 BCS National Championship.

His professional career saw him play for the Dolphins from 2005 to 2010 after getting his first shot at playing.

Crowder was a valuable player for the Dolphins’ defense in Miami.

His name was announced as the best Pro Bowl in 2008. Crowder made a move later, seeing him signing with the Cowboys in 2011.

He played for the Cowboys for one season, which didn’t work well, before making another move to the Bengals in 2012.

He played for the Bengals for one season before deciding to finalize his playing career, which ended in 2013.

Channing Crowder has, since his retirement, decided to join ESPN and FOX as an analyst, where he enjoys another career path.

Aja Crowder Net Worth

Aja Crowder Net Worth

Her net worth stands around $1 Million based on her career and business ventures.

Aja Crowder is determined and has many success stories that have helped secure tons of income.

She actively has a career and does her job as a mother for mostly her children.

Channing Crowder is the highest-earning member in the couple’s relationship, and his net worth is $10 Million.

His current paying career comes from his job with FOX and ESPN, where he operates as an analyst.

He also made money from his playing career, which wasn’t long, but he got a huge contract.

He had the privilege of enjoying seven years professionally, earning big money moves and salaries.

Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder are more laser-focused on their family, which is their investment for the future.

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