Lionel Scaloni Wife: Elisa Montero

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Elisa Montero

Elisa Montero is a celebrity spouse, Spanish businesswoman, public figure, and Lionel Scaloni’s wife.

She has made her break to the media after making numerous appearances, including during Argentina’s World Cup win.

She has many things going on with her husband, who has made record for his nation and himself as a coach.

Elisa Montero Biography

Elisa Montero

She was born in 1980 in Andalusia, Spain. Elisa Montero is a dedicated woman who clock 44 years old in 2024 after her birthday.

There’s no certainty regarding her precise date of birth, but the year is disclosed to the media following extensive research.

Unlike many spouses of renowned athletes, Elisa Montero isn’t as forthcoming with the media or in public.

Elisa Montero keeps her life private, including her background and various other aspects that comprise her identity.

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Her parents’ presence in the media is non-existent, yet their surname is Montero, and they hail from Spain.

Her entire household hails from Spain, but she chose to marry an Argentine International, far from his compatriots.

To this day, little has been made public about Elisa’s formative years. She remains elusive regarding her siblings’ lives, who also shun media attention.

Nevertheless, while Elisa’s life may be private, she ensured she received ample love and a proper upbringing.

Reports suggest she attended school in Spain and later pursued further education abroad. No specific details or explanations regarding her university studies or location are available.

Elisa Montero has established a fulfilling life as Lionel Scaloni’s wife, currently residing in Argentina.

Lionel Scaloni Wife

Lionel Scaloni Wife

The narrative of Elisa Montero’s journey as Lionel Scaloni’s spouse was challenging, considering their differing backgrounds.

They invested period in understanding each other deeply and bridging the voids in their disparities in background.

Many might be surprised by how seamlessly Spanish and Argentine individuals like themselves found love.

Their trip jointly commenced years ago when they were young and eager to explore the world. They officially announced their relationship in 2008, a time when both were in the spotlight.

Their paths crossed in Spain, where Lionel Scaloni was playing professional football for Mallorca. Elisa and Scaloni’s relationship blossomed as they spent time together in Spain.

Despite their differences, their bond grew stronger as they got to know each other better. Their love remained steadfast, overcoming any obstacles they faced.

After years of living together, they chose to define their association more formally. They waited until 2018 to tie the knot, commemorating an important landmark in their relationship.

In addition to their marriage, they welcomed two children into their lives before exchanging vows. Ian, now 12 years old, was born in 2012, and Noah in 2016.

Their children brought them closer together, fulfilling a parental longing they had both waited so long before getting.

Elisa Montero and Lionel Scaloni have cherished their relationship, culminating in their decision to formalize their union through marriage.

Elisa Career

Elisa Career

Elisa Montero’s career is a small deal compared to her husband, Lionel Scaloni, who is a massive name globally.

She does little to stay relevant in her way other than decide what her husband brings to the table for the family.

She may be into business, which remains undisclosed today based on the privacy placed upon her life.

Elisa is just a decent woman with a regular life and job, but Lionel Scaloni does make the most from his coaching after retirement from playing.

Lionel Scaloni’s journey in football is a fascinating one, taking him from the pitch to the helm of Argentina’s national team.

He divided his career into two: his playing career and his remarkable coaching achievements, which have made him an icon.

Scaloni began his professional career in Argentina with Newell’s Old Boys before making his way to Europe.

He spent several years in Spain with Deportivo La Coruña and a loan stint at Mallorca. In 2007, he signed with Italian giants Lazio, where he established himself as a reliable right-back.

A loan to West Ham followed, and he later joined Atalanta before hanging up his boots in 2015 to become a coach next.

At the international level, Scaloni represented Argentina at the U-20 World Cup, lifting the trophy in 1997.

He also earned seven caps for the senior team between 2003 and 2006, and he even played in Argentina’s 2006 World Cup squad.

After retirement, Scaloni transitioned into coaching, starting as an assistant at Sevilla and Argentina’s U-20 team.

In 2018, he took over the U-20 side and, later that year, somewhat surprisingly, was appointed head coach of the senior team.

Despite initial doubts due to his perceived lack of experience, Scaloni quickly silenced the critics in his coaching career.

He led Argentina to their first Copa America title in 28 years in 2021, defeating arch-rivals Brazil in the final.

This historic victory was just the beginning. In 2022, Scaloni masterminded Argentina’s triumph at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, ending their 36-year wait for the prestigious trophy.

His tactical acumen, ability to motivate players, and focus on building a strong team spirit have been credited as key factors in Argentina’s recent success.

Recognized for his achievements, Scaloni received the 2022 FIFA Men’s Coach of the Year award and was named the best national team coach in the world by the IFFHS.

Scaloni is still making success in his coach, and today, he still operates with the Argentina national team.

Lionel Scaloni has blocked away so much to see himself continue to focus on his career with all eyes on him and his team.

Elisa Montero’s Net Worth

Elisa Montero Net Worth

Her net worth is $500k from working, and being a celebrity wife does come with some perks of its own.

Elisa Montero is quite dynamic, engaging in various endeavours to ensure financial prosperity.

Her career focus isn’t singular, encompassing diverse roles and responsibilities, including her paramount role as a mother to her thriving children.

In addition to her professional pursuits, she maintains an active presence in other ventures, ensuring her husband’s success doesn’t solely define her.

On the other hand, Lionel Scaloni has amassed considerable wealth and acclaim from his illustrious career, boasting a net worth of $10 million.

His career trajectory spans both playing and coaching roles, each marked by significant achievements and financial rewards.

During his playing days in Europe, he garnered substantial income through lucrative contracts with various teams.

However, it’s his coaching career that has yielded the most significant financial gains, highlighted by Argentina’s 2022 World Cup victory.

Together, Elisa Montero and Lionel Scaloni have accumulated substantial wealth, providing their families with security and stability.

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