FT: PSG 0-1 Dortmund, BVB Qualify For Champions League FINAL! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

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Borussia Dortmund made it to the Champions League final after beating PSG 0-1 to finish 0-2 on aggregate, MySportDab reports.

Paris Saint Germain missed out on qualification to the final after failing to make anything much happen on their home ground.

BVB qualify for a final which they have to await the winner between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich tomorrow.

Full Match Report 

Both teams came into the second leg with the visitors on the advantage after taking a 1-0 from their home ground in Germany.

PSG started well pushing forward with everything they had to offer which wasn’t enough to gift them any goal as things carried on.

Borussia Dortmund main focus was making sure they held on fine ensuring there is nothing that could break them down in the encounter.

Things stayed the same despite all the opportunities which kept coming mostly from the home side who needed to get a goal for themselves.

It was disappointing for PSG who couldn’t make anything happen as they headed for the break with the scoreline staying 0-0 against Borussia Dortmund.

They came on to the second half which was different from what happened in the first 45 minutes which not a goal was scored by them.

PSG continued with their dominance but nothing happen as they carried on doing everything possible but still they couldn’t get the goal.

Borussia Dortmund stunned the home side in the 58th minutes after Julia Brandt was able to setup Matt Hummels who was able to make it count putting his side 0-1 ahead.

Things became worst for the home side who couldn’t make anything happen or know where to begin making move for something in the match.

The game came to an end with Borussia Dortmund claiming a 0-1 victory against PSG which made it 0-2 on aggregate as BVB qualified for the Champions League final.

Watch Highlight Below:

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